Stubborn Son of a Bitch

its in my blood to be a stub­born son of a bitch. i hate it when peo­ple tell me that i have to do some­thing. my imme­di­ate response is the chal­lenge their order with a ques­tion. Why do i have to do it? Huh? Answer me! how­ev­er, using a dif­fer­ent word will often slip by me. ‘Adam, you might want to think about doing blah­blah­blah…’ or ‘Wouldn’t this be a bet­ter alter­na­tive?’ If you use the word have i will balk on prin­ci­ple. i do not like it when peo­ple believe they can dic­tate terms upon me. i am the only per­son that can be in charge of my per­son. as long as i am lucid i have the com­plete free­dom that life pro­vides.