Today, of Death

today i talk about death. log­i­cal­ly peo­ple should have no fear of death. illog­i­cal­ly we try var­i­ous and sundry forms to pro­long our lives and use ter­mi­nol­o­gy such as escape, cheat, and avoid in ref­er­ence to death. News flash. no one can escape, cheat or avoid death. peri­od. life and death are dichoto­mous and can­not exist apart from their oppo­site. if there is no death, there can be no viable idea of life if it has no point of ref­er­ence, no fini­tude. per­haps that is why infin­i­ty is so hard to com­pre­hend, since we are infi­nite­ly finite. this holds true for all dichotomies.

there is also the null set, indif­fer­ence, lack of either life/death, love/hate, sacred/profane. where all is void. unex­plain­able by me.