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Lazy Day at Home

today was another lazy day at home. i’ve started taking afternoon naps. and i’m slowly running out of things to read, which means i’ll most likely play more playstation and go rent movies i should have seen in the theater. i’ve assembled all of my poetry books for transport and inspiration for my poetry class […]

Book Review: Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves

i’m not one who has much knowledge of literary trends in novel-writing but House of Leaves strikes me as a book that could very well be the great work of postmodern literature. which means everything and nothing. as an experimental novel it is a remarkably well constructed thing. i had a bit of trouble getting […]

Spoiled Rotten

i am spoiled rotten: a list of christmas booty. Cordial Cherries National Geographic Walden Crime and Punishment House of Leaves Norelco Beard Trimmer a coat (middle row fifth one down #4203) a Sony DSC-P51 my buddy neal got a beard trimmer and camera as well.

Altar Boy

i used to be an altar boy. a damn good one at that, i knew what needed to be done at exactly what time and i knew all of the foibles of the priest i helped out. it was dreadfully boring. i did however gain the ability to keep a totally emotionless face for an […]

Christmas Break

today, my first day at home, was spent christmas shopping with mother. i convinced her to spend $90 on a coat for me. and apparently i was a good luck charm for finding the gifts she needed to. i’m still a little lovesick, coweyed, moonstruck, but that is only to be expected. apparently, i, he […]

Her Room

i went over to her room last night and watched her pack a little and drank some wine. it didn’t take much convincing to get her to stop and come sit on the futon by me. we talked, i babbled, things were slightly awkward but so very slightly it was only noticeable if you looked […]

Movie Review: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (here be spoilers)

after the extreme quality of the first movie in every aspect, this film was a vast disappointment for me. Hollywood had its dirty mitts all over the plot, adding sequences that were meaningless for the story, changing around the structure and timing of the story itself, making characters behave in manners absolutely contrary to the […]


about twelve years ago my favorite activity consisted of something i called ‘creeking.’ about 300 yards from my house, down a ravine and through a bit of new growth woodland, you came upon the not very impressive Little William’s Creek. not impressive unless you are a ten year old boy. it was around 25 feet […]

Some Things

Some Things: i’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for a week now. i’m tired of being forced to prioritize. in the last 24 hours i’ve folded 1,000 communiqu s. drudgery sucks. love is suicide. spicy sea nuggets = death.

Film Noir Gone Away

Film Noir is out of the way. somehow i managed to get an A on my bigass paper which counts for 25% of my grade. apparently i was ‘provocative.’ not a word that i think is usually applied to me. maybe the prof was just trying to hit on me. i received a distinctive not […]

Her Poem

I gave her her poem the other day as a christmas gift. the edited version. i think it reads better. she said she likes it alot. but when she says that, i’m not sure what kind of friend she is being…either the “I’ll say I like it because I don’t want to risk hurting his […]

How to be a College Guy or How to do Nothing and Love It

a blog entry entitled: “How to be a College Guy” or “How to do Nothing and Love It” wake up to the incessant raucousness of your alarm clock; if it is not yet 2:00pm hit snooze and go back to sleep. when early afternoon rolls around arise groggily, perhaps hungover from your slumber, kick your […]

Shonen Knife

I’m not a big one for japanese pop music, or even japanese-american pop music, or even pop music. but i’ll make an exception for this song by Shonen Knife. It is called Jakalope. I find no end of interest in the fact that a some middle-aged japanese women were so fascinated with an animal that […]

Boxer Shorts

i ran out of clean boxer shorts this morning. so i decided it was time for me to do some laundry. its in the dryer right now. but having to go commando for the first morning of study days got me thinking. i’m pretty damn particular about my boxer shorts. they can’t be tight at […]

Films I Saw This Semester

Films I saw this semester: Super Troopers (Jay¬†Chandrasekhar, 2001) – B+ Zoolander (Ben Stiller,¬†2001) – C Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988) – A- Objective Burma (Raoul Walsh, 1945) – B- Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick, 1987) – B+ The Bridge on the River Kwai (David Lean, 1957) – B The Searchers (John Ford, 1956) – […]

Video Games Ahoy!

yeah, so how many people could tell i didn’t have anything to write about yesterday… my stress level has decreased exponentially since i turned in my big ole papers. now all that is left for this semester is a questionnaire for my Cinema Ideologies class, a 5 page ‘how do i feel/what did i learn’ […]

Jack the Giant-Killer

tell me the punchline. apathy reeks of unwashed socks. i complete my day by proxy whilst my thought go wassailing into calico dreams of hot chocolate campfires and blanketed readings of childhood classics. i wish i were Jack the Giant-Killer. Then I would have an invisible cloak, shoes of speed, an enchanted sword and the […]

Live From Baghdad

last night i had the misfortune to watch some blatant anti-Iraq propaganda. Live From Baghdad is nothing more than a modern day Divide&Conquer. Not only is the film a giant commercial for CNN, but it also presents such a frightening picture of Iraqi despotism that it might as well just come out and say ‘All […]

Metal Christmas

it is rather difficult to get into the christmas spirit with finals/papers/projects looming over me. every year i attempt it and every year i cannot seem to get excited for the holidays until around the 20th, when school ends and i get to go home. i guess for me holidays don’t exist without family. The […]


last night was spent doing another cut of Vice Versa. I tightened up a few shots and did considerable work editing the ending collision sequence. its still missing one more thing apparently. if i had gotten a few reaction shots and maybe another take or two, i’d be set. there is still something about actually […]

Metal Sculpture Memory

about a year ago i was finishing up my last project for my metal sculpture class. my progression in the world of art that semester was a struggle. i was also taking an anthro class about cultural identities of art. my life was circumscribed by form v. content. in the class on form (metal sculpture) […]

Dueling With Guns

as i walked toward my first class of the day: Introduction to Archaeology, i couldn’t help but overhear i conversation in front of me. Girl #1: “…I mean, if they used guns it would be way too loud.” Girl #2: “Yeah, I guess so, but dueling with guns is so much cooler.” #1: “That’s the […]


it seems that i have been talking about endings lately. getting things done, last chances, last experiences. i must be weary. i’m not focusing on the beginnings to come. i don’t really understand why i must be goal-oriented at all times and why i always worry about what i am attempting to accomplish. what i […]

Damn Film Noir Paper

well its over. both the snow (for now) and the ND football season. after the disasterbacle of last night i don’t believe we’ll make it into a good bowl game, though we’ll probably end up in a second tier bowl. i now have the rest of the saturdays of this semester to myself. both of […]