Since today is the busiest day of my week i’m just going to give you my homework assignment for my poetry writing class.

the assignment: Write a poem in the third person about an event external to you. The even does not have to be famous or on a large scale. (Do not write about September 11).

the result:

An angler sits on the riverbank
Waiting for friends to call
One has whiskers
The other a lantern jaw

With line in deep waters
Clouds and time stream by
For company a squirrel
And a hunting hawk’s cry

He thinks while he waits
Checking the worm on his hook
While day flows to dusk
And shadows the brook

When night finally falls
He packs up and leaves
No fish joins his meal
And there is wind in the trees

There is no great shame
To leave without fish
And expecting to catch one
Is certainly foolish

Its not about sport
The fisherman’s part
Its hooking the silence
That makes it an art

i’m sure this will make its way over to verbalimpotence eventually.

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