Since to­day is the busiest day of my week i’m just go­ing to give you my home­work as­sign­ment for my po­et­ry writ­ing class.

the as­sign­ment: Write a po­em in the third per­son about an event ex­ter­nal to you. The even does not have to be fa­mous or on a large scale. (Do not write about September 11).

the re­sult:

An an­gler sits on the river­bank
Waiting for friends to call
One has whiskers
The oth­er a lantern jaw

With line in deep wa­ters
Clouds and time stream by
For com­pa­ny a squir­rel
And a hunt­ing hawk’s cry

He thinks while he waits
Checking the worm on his hook
While day flows to dusk
And shad­ows the brook

When night fi­nal­ly falls
He packs up and leaves
No fish joins his meal
And there is wind in the trees

There is no great shame
To leave with­out fish
And ex­pect­ing to catch one
Is cer­tain­ly fool­ish

Its not about sport
The fisherman’s part
Its hook­ing the si­lence
That makes it an art

i’m sure this will make its way over to ver­balimpo­tence even­tu­al­ly.