Tuesday, 28 October 2003

For Halloween I am going to dress as a Scarecrow. I am also going to Cleveland for a Halloween party given by my buddy. He has one every year, and it has been several since I was last at it. I am seriously looking for a place to live there, and employment. I need to be someplace where there are things to do, and someplace where I can start to do things. I choose Cleveland, mostly because I have several friends out there, it is a city [which means things to do] and it is sufficiently far enough away from my family as to give me some sense of autonomy.

I still think Ohio is a hole.

Opossum Boy

Monday, 27 October 2003

Last Friday I managed to go see KILL BILL with my buddy phil. I enjoyed the movie in a vague sort of way. oh sure it was entertaining, but i felt a sort of lack to it, all of the editing flourishes, the fx, etc… just there because they’re sexy. i expect a bit more from tarantino, some sort of statement. i can read in a critique about decadence, excess, and all that jazz, but i’m pretty sure tarantino isn’t critiquing it. i imagine his thought process was more like – i really like violent movies, and so do lots of people. i’ll make the most violent movie ever, do some cool doobers to make it look sexy and arty and then make a buncha bucks.

far more entertaining, and Ward, i hope you agree, is the tale phil related to me afterward. a student at my school was relating to his teacher the sundry uses that his family makes of opossum, obtained as roadkill or in other ways. [probably best not to ask] this youth was proud of his familial opossum gourmet. several weeks later he reminded his teacher of this and added a bit of a caveat.
the wording apparently was along these lines:

y’know how i said we ate ‘possum? well then we seen a ‘possum crawl out of a dead cow’s ass. we don’t eat ‘possum no more…

word got around lower waterloo [male social studies teachers being awful gossips] and the legend of Opossum Boy was born.

Hay Hair

Friday, 24 October 2003

i’m back in the tucky, unfortunate in some ways. i’m looking for guidance in Chicago of all places. been reading Dangerous Visions, the classic sci-fi anthology. its editor Harlan Ellison spearheaded it and sought no-holds barred, no such thing as a taboo topic short stories. they are all pretty amazing. Philip Jos? Farmer’s piece Riders of the Purple Wage reminds me of a somewhat happier, and more glib Pynchon.

New York i think is a bit too much for hayhaired me. the pace, the amount of effort it would take me to make ends meet would keep me from enjoying the city at all. if i get another job out there [perhaps pending with Third Watch] i’ll definitely return. i just wish i had had had had the opportunity to experience the city a bit more. have some fun. the only way i could have done that was by not sleeping ever, and well you know how i am with sleep.

i’ve some unfinished business out there though. most importantly, i owe a certain Edlund para edlundart a dinner.

my precious

Monday, 20 October 2003

an album of pics from NYC


Thursday, 9 October 2003

I finally met up with my Cousin Mea. We went to a couple of bars and talked for awhile. Even though I didn’t really remember her, I can see why we got along years ago. Perhaps this weekend I will go see her apartment and her mom.

Today is the last day of shooting on Into The Fire. I’m not done though. I have wrap week and then if we finish that a bit early I’ll head back to Indiana on early Thursday. We hope to finish on Tuesday which will give me Wednesday to travel around the city dropping off r?sum?s to different production companies and films.

I’ve almost finished my roll of B&W film and I’m anxious to see how they turn out. The Voice did a “best of NY” this week and B&H is the place to go for ‘disconcertingly low-priced film.” i have to admit, 36exp for a buck fifty leaves me with no complaints.

The wrap party is tomorrow night, with an open bar from 9-11. I’m allowed to invite someone along, nut the only people i know in NY are associated with the film. Oh well, maybe I’ll get sauced and the director’s assistant will take me home with her.

Crow Recipe

Saturday, 4 October 2003

yes yes, i know. i should update regularly. instead of giving excuses i’ll just get to the news.

i haven eaten my crow and now own a cellphone. it is impossible to work in the film industry effectively without one.

i have been apartment hunting and the one i looked at today in Jersey City Heights is one i want. all included it would run me about $450 a month and it is only 20 minutes by bus to Manhattan. the neighborhood is nice, the apartment is nice and the two roommates might be nice, but i’ve only met one of them so far.

my bee sting is cleared up apart from the small scar from where the stinger entered. i think i am going to switch over to listening to good rap for awhile, because it doesn’t seem that anything interesting is going on in the world of rock lately. i bought a Pixies CD today.

people please email me your cell numbers and i swear i will call some night.

i should be at ND for the USC game to get my ring and see you ND bastards.
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