For Hal­loween I am going to dress as a Scare­crow. I am also going to Cleve­land for a Hal­loween par­ty giv­en by my bud­dy. He has one every year, and it has been sev­er­al since I was last at it. I am seri­ous­ly look­ing for a place to live there, and employ­ment. I need to be some­place where there are things to do, and some­place where I can start to do things. I choose Cleve­land, most­ly because I have sev­er­al friends out there, it is a city [which means things to do] and it is suf­fi­cient­ly far enough away from my fam­i­ly as to give me some sense of auton­o­my.

I still think Ohio is a hole.

Opossum Boy

Last Fri­day I man­aged to go see KILL BILL with my bud­dy phil. I enjoyed the movie in a vague sort of way. oh sure it was enter­tain­ing, but i felt a sort of lack to it, all of the edit­ing flour­ish­es, the fx, etc… just there because they’re sexy. i expect a bit more from taran­ti­no, some sort of state­ment. i can read in a cri­tique about deca­dence, excess, and all that jazz, but i’m pret­ty sure taran­ti­no isn’t cri­tiquing it. i imag­ine his thought process was more like — i real­ly like vio­lent movies, and so do lots of peo­ple. i’ll make the most vio­lent movie ever, do some cool doobers to make it look sexy and arty and then make a bun­cha bucks.

far more enter­tain­ing, and Ward, i hope you agree, is the tale phil relat­ed to me after­ward. a stu­dent at my school was relat­ing to his teacher the sundry uses that his fam­i­ly makes of opos­sum, obtained as road­kill or in oth­er ways. [prob­a­bly best not to ask] this youth was proud of his famil­ial opos­sum gourmet. sev­er­al weeks lat­er he remind­ed his teacher of this and added a bit of a caveat.
the word­ing appar­ent­ly was along these lines:

y’know how i said we ate ‘pos­sum? well then we seen a ‘pos­sum crawl out of a dead cow’s ass. we don’t eat ‘pos­sum no more…

word got around low­er water­loo [male social stud­ies teach­ers being awful gos­sips] and the leg­end of Opos­sum Boy was born.

Hay Hair

i’m back in the tucky, unfor­tu­nate in some ways. i’m look­ing for guid­ance in Chica­go of all places. been read­ing Dan­ger­ous Visions, the clas­sic sci-fi anthol­o­gy. its edi­tor Har­lan Elli­son spear­head­ed it and sought no-holds barred, no such thing as a taboo top­ic short sto­ries. they are all pret­ty amaz­ing. Philip Jos? Farmer’s piece Rid­ers of the Pur­ple Wage reminds me of a some­what hap­pi­er, and more glib Pyn­chon.

New York i think is a bit too much for hay­haired me. the pace, the amount of effort it would take me to make ends meet would keep me from enjoy­ing the city at all. if i get anoth­er job out there [per­haps pend­ing with Third Watch] i’ll def­i­nite­ly return. i just wish i had had had had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to expe­ri­ence the city a bit more. have some fun. the only way i could have done that was by not sleep­ing ever, and well you know how i am with sleep.

i’ve some unfin­ished busi­ness out there though. most impor­tant­ly, i owe a cer­tain Edlund para edlun­dart a din­ner.


I final­ly met up with my Cousin Mea. We went to a cou­ple of bars and talked for awhile. Even though I didn’t real­ly remem­ber her, I can see why we got along years ago. Per­haps this week­end I will go see her apart­ment and her mom.

Today is the last day of shoot­ing on Into The Fire. I’m not done though. I have wrap week and then if we fin­ish that a bit ear­ly I’ll head back to Indi­ana on ear­ly Thurs­day. We hope to fin­ish on Tues­day which will give me Wednes­day to trav­el around the city drop­ping off r?sum?s to dif­fer­ent pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies and films.

I’ve almost fin­ished my roll of B&W film and I’m anx­ious to see how they turn out. The Voice did a “best of NY” this week and B&H is the place to go for ‘dis­con­cert­ing­ly low-priced film.” i have to admit, 36exp for a buck fifty leaves me with no com­plaints.

The wrap par­ty is tomor­row night, with an open bar from 9–11. I’m allowed to invite some­one along, nut the only peo­ple i know in NY are asso­ci­at­ed with the film. Oh well, maybe I’ll get sauced and the director’s assis­tant will take me home with her.

Crow Recipe

yes yes, i know. i should update reg­u­lar­ly. instead of giv­ing excus­es i’ll just get to the news.

i haven eat­en my crow and now own a cell­phone. it is impos­si­ble to work in the film indus­try effec­tive­ly with­out one.

i have been apart­ment hunt­ing and the one i looked at today in Jer­sey City Heights is one i want. all includ­ed it would run me about $450 a month and it is only 20 min­utes by bus to Man­hat­tan. the neigh­bor­hood is nice, the apart­ment is nice and the two room­mates might be nice, but i’ve only met one of them so far.

my bee sting is cleared up apart from the small scar from where the stinger entered. i think i am going to switch over to lis­ten­ing to good rap for awhile, because it doesn’t seem that any­thing inter­est­ing is going on in the world of rock late­ly. i bought a Pix­ies CD today.

peo­ple please email me your cell num­bers and i swear i will call some night.

i should be at ND for the USC game to get my ring and see you ND bas­tards.
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