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For Halloween I am going to dress as a Scarecrow. I am also going to Cleveland for a Halloween party given by my buddy. He has one every year, and it has been several since I was last at it. I am seriously looking for a place to live there, and employment. I need to […]

Opossum Boy

Last Friday I managed to go see KILL BILL with my buddy phil. I enjoyed the movie in a vague sort of way. oh sure it was entertaining, but i felt a sort of lack to it, all of the editing flourishes, the fx, etc… just there because they’re sexy. i expect a bit more […]

Hay Hair

i’m back in the tucky, unfortunate in some ways. i’m looking for guidance in Chicago of all places. been reading Dangerous Visions, the classic sci-fi anthology. its editor Harlan Ellison spearheaded it and sought no-holds barred, no such thing as a taboo topic short stories. they are all pretty amazing. Philip Jos? Farmer’s piece Riders […]


I finally met up with my Cousin Mea. We went to a couple of bars and talked for awhile. Even though I didn’t really remember her, I can see why we got along years ago. Perhaps this weekend I will go see her apartment and her mom. Today is the last day of shooting on […]

Crow Recipe

yes yes, i know. i should update regularly. instead of giving excuses i’ll just get to the news. i haven eaten my crow and now own a cellphone. it is impossible to work in the film industry effectively without one. i have been apartment hunting and the one i looked at today in Jersey City […]