3 Things

1. I ran my car into a tree.
2. WCSB is a helluva good college radio station. They stream too.
3. Come hell or high water, Glazen Creative will hire me.

Believe it or not all of these are related.

I was driving my reel to Glazen and listening to WCSB as I was exiting I-90 toward East 9th Street. I was braking around on the ramp when instead of anti-locking, as they are wont to do, my brakes anti-anti-locked i spun 90 degrees, slid toward the edge of the road and when I hit dirt I slammed on the brakes and swung the wheel, putting me back on course, albeit on the grass embankment. My forward momentum successfully distracted, my car merely slid down a bit and hit a tree. A small tree.

The net result, a ding on the side of my car, and alignment knocked out from here to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.

Its a good thing this is the right time of year to be a Scorpio.
Its also a good thing I had a chat with Jehovah this morning.
I don’t necessarily know if it is a good thing or not, but my pact with the legions of hell might of had something to do with it as well.

5 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. Man it never hurts to be a bit lucky. Hopefully that will all carry over and get you a job. I have heard rumblings about jobs here, but haven’t seen anything yet, I’ll keep an eye out for you though.

  2. Er… what do they DO? The website made it sound like they get paid to think. Are you going to be a consultant?

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