Flat Tire

i work with two rappers. this is completely unforseen, but i suppose not unwelcome. Augy is the driver, and his rap name is A.U.G. for Always Underground game. he is a bigger dude, about my height but maybe a deuce and a quarter. he’s pretty quiet and shy unless you joke around enough and talk about the sales manager.

Chango is the night duplicator, my replacement in the afternoons. Apparently Chango means ‘baby gorilla’ in Spanish – a nickname from his childhood. Now it is his rap name. A.U.G. and Chango have song called Underground Thugz. I heard it today. I’ve only seen Chango once, on my first day. Despite the fact that he has worked at this place for approximately four and a half years, he still doesn’t know how to do certain basic tasks like boxing, labeling, or even doing double passes on especially large orders. Lots of interesting things seem to happen to Chango. Friday was an especially nice day in the upper 60s and thought this has no obvious correlation to the fact that he called in sick with a twisted ankle, the duplicator i am replacing seemed to think differently. Today Chango called in to say he was going to be late because he had a flat tire in Paineville. perhaps this is a metaphor for his alleged swollen ankle, or perhaps it is true, i don’t know him well enough to judge. At this rate, I never well. Chango has a lot of flat tires.

crash poem.

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