Call for Guest Bloggers

I would like to have some people write some stuff for my blog because it amuses me and impresses me and lets me be lazy. It doesn’t matter if I know you or not. Some of these might be better written by someone who doesn’t know me at all. [#1] Shyness is discouraged. If you are a lurker [and i know i have at least one] I really really really encourage you to guest blog. Then you can feel free to go back into the abyssal oblivion of the void. or something. The only rules for this are that you stick to the topic[s] picked and actually put forth effort to write it [i won’t accept an article that just lists out pi to the nth degree- if i wanted someone to jackass around like that i’d do it myself]. Anyway, here are your choices.

#1 : Write a biography about me.
#2 : Submit a 10 picture non-pr0nographic photolog of some type of wild animal. All images must be accompanied by a link to the site at which they were found.
#3 : Write about a villain for the Heroes and Villains of the 21st Century Series [examples here and here].
#4 : Submit a self-reflexive review of a campy horror film.
#5 : Write a book report for the last book you read.
#6 : Write an album review for some sort of music group or artist that you think most people haven’t heard of.
#7 : Write something thoughtful about one of the following: gender, capitalism/consumerism, yo-yos, ho-hos, war/government sanctioned violence, nature, cooking or dialogue.
#8 : Submit a work of short fiction.
#9 : Submit a poem.
#10 : Submit a photolog of pictures you yourself have taken. These pictures must tell a story.

If you’d like to do any number of these [except zero] or if you have any questions just send me an email at [aharvey] at [].

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  1. Dammit. I wish I had a scanner (and a computer would probably help too) so I could submit my Hello Kitty series for #10. *SIGH*

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