Call for Guest Bloggers

I would like to have some peo­ple write some stuff for my blog because it amus­es me and impress­es me and lets me be lazy. It doesn’t mat­ter if I know you or not. Some of these might be bet­ter writ­ten by some­one who doesn’t know me at all. [#1] Shy­ness is dis­cour­aged. If you are a lurk­er [and i know i have at least one] I real­ly real­ly real­ly encour­age you to guest blog. Then you can feel free to go back into the abyssal obliv­ion of the void. or some­thing. The only rules for this are that you stick to the topic[s] picked and actu­al­ly put forth effort to write it [i won’t accept an arti­cle that just lists out pi to the nth degree- if i want­ed some­one to jack­ass around like that i’d do it myself]. Any­way, here are your choic­es.

#1 : Write a biog­ra­phy about me.
#2 : Sub­mit a 10 pic­ture non-pr0no­graph­ic pho­tolog of some type of wild ani­mal. All images must be accom­pa­nied by a link to the site at which they were found.
#3 : Write about a vil­lain for the Heroes and Vil­lains of the 21st Cen­tu­ry Series [exam­ples here and here].
#4 : Sub­mit a self-reflex­ive review of a campy hor­ror film.
#5 : Write a book report for the last book you read.
#6 : Write an album review for some sort of music group or artist that you think most peo­ple haven’t heard of.
#7 : Write some­thing thought­ful about one of the fol­low­ing: gen­der, capitalism/consumerism, yo-yos, ho-hos, war/government sanc­tioned vio­lence, nature, cook­ing or dia­logue.
#8 : Sub­mit a work of short fic­tion.
#9 : Sub­mit a poem.
#10 : Sub­mit a pho­tolog of pic­tures you your­self have tak­en. These pic­tures must tell a sto­ry.

If you’d like to do any num­ber of these [except zero] or if you have any ques­tions just send me an email at [ahar­vey] at [].

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