Another Dream

so i remem­bered anoth­er dream i had last night. its pret­ty straight­for­ward.

i go vis­it this lit­tle old lady with cook­ies who proph­e­size­cies to me about what hap­pens lat­er on in my dream [sounds like the matrix]. i nev­er remem­ber dream dia­logue so for­get about what she said. it was basi­cal­ly some­thing along the lines of i was in dan­ger from some group who was after what i had in my head, some sort of impor­tant knowl­edge. [i’m think­ing it was like some­thing like what is in the head of the dude in the movie pi]. so then i leave and my dream cuts to me wak­ing up after i’ve been cap­tured. i’m wear­ing red-edged under­oos™ [minus the under­shirt and by the way, the old woman pre­dict­ed this] and i’m in some sort of psy­chi­atric cell. i know that some­how i’ve giv­en my knowl­edge away and that i have to get some place rather quick­ly before some­thing bad hap­pens. so i bust out, beat up an order­ly and take his shirt which says ‘fem­i­nist chicks dig me’ [i actu­al­ly own this shirt and the old lady pre­dict­ed that too] and tuck it into my under­oos and then hop on a subway/el which takes me to wher­ev­er i need­ed to go to stop the bad guys and then i get killed [the par­al­lax view].

no i didn’t wake up after being killed, i just went on to dream­ing about some­thing else.

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  • Man, the men­tal image of you run­ning around with a shirt stuffed into under­roos is not what I want­ed on a mon­day morn­ing.

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