I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay.neon_lumberjack.jpg My host­ing com­pa­ny, log​jam​ming​.com, was hacked last Thursday. If you missed it and would like to see what the hack end­ed up look­ing like, look at this. I’m keen to think that they were nice hack­ers.

They could have de­stroyed all of the con­tent on the serv­er, but in­stead it ap­pears that all they did was change every index.html file in­to what I linked to. It def­i­nite­ly scared the shit out of me and I’m slight­ly an­noyed that my host­ing com­pa­ny wasn’t pro­tect­ed enough but every­thing turned out well and I didn’t lose any of my stuff.

In the mean­time, I have, ob­vi­ous­ly, re­designed. I al­so hauled off every­thing from the serv­er as a byte-for-byte back­up and then delet­ed every­thing. I then re­in­stalled MovableType with the Gallery plug-in. There are go­ing to be a very large num­ber of dead links in the archives, for the time be­ing, as I go through and clean house.

Even though no one checks it out, I’m go­ing to re­design Verbal Impotence to make it look a lit­tle less clunky. I have ditched the side­blog in fa­vor of keep­ing track of what I am read­ing, lis­ten­ing and watch­ing in the in­fo page. The links are al­so slow­ly be­ing re­vamped.

This de­sign is the way it is be­cause I’ve been re-ad­mir­ing ed​lun​dart​.com and obliv​io​.com late­ly.

Instead of hav­ing mul­ti­ple de­signs, I’ve opt­ed for hav­ing mul­ti­ple text sizes. I al­so dis­cov­ered a groovy trick that you can use if you want to change text sizes on any page you are look­ing at. If you have a mouse with a wheel, hold­ing Ctrl and mov­ing the wheel will change the font sizes. Ctrl-mouse­wheel!

As al­ways, if some­thing doesn’t work, tell me about it. If it looks weird on your brows­er let me know as well. [I can on­ly check Firefox and IE on a PC, so if you run some­thing else, es­pe­cial­ly Safari, IE or Opera on a Mac, let me know if it works well.] This de­sign is def­i­nite­ly stay­ing the way it is for quite some time. I’ve got oth­er people’s sites to work on.

Before I for­get, I’m go­ing to try to put up those lit­tle pic­tures be­fore some of my posts [this is bla­tant­ly stolen from Oblivio] I couldn’t de­cide which one I liked bet­ter for this post. Which of those do you like best?

3 thoughts on “Hacked

  1. This win­dow doesn’t open quite right
    Logjamming hosts our page as well, lucky for us we must have been on one of their oth­er servers.…hope they patched it.

  2. com­ment win­dow should be fixed…

    as for the se­cu­ri­ty breach, their news page says my serv­er is now run­ning the newest Red Hat ES.

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