Work Week

ratmaze.jpgThis is a very busy week for me, I don’t know if I’ll have much time to blog or not. That said, here is the run­down.

I on­ly re­al­ly have two full days to get the week’s worth of work fin­ished. Tomorrow I am in a ‘class’ all day to learn about my Myers-Briggs type. I fig­ure it will be a wel­come break from cu­bi­cle-land. We’ve got these self and peer eval­u­a­tions due on Wednesday, I’ve got to bust those out to­day at some point. I’ve al­so got to learn a bunch of new stuff from my work­group part­ner be­cause he is go­ing to be gone for al­most two weeks. Also I’ve got forms and statutes to fin­ish this week as well.

On the flip side, I’ve got a gui­tar les­son to­day and my first Subliminal Self show as a band mem­ber on Wednesday. I’m not go­ing to tell you where or when be­cause I don’t want you there. Thursday at noon I take off for Indianapolis for the week­end and a wed­ding. Liam is in the wed­ding par­ty and is rid­ing with me. On our way back home Liam wants to see my home­town.

This past week­end I went to Udupi Restaurant and had tasty Indian food, I made chili on Saturday and went to the game watch at Sullivan’s pub. Sunday I thought about go­ing to an Indie Film club meet­ing but elect­ed to lay around in­stead.

10 thoughts on “Work Week

  1. So I re­al­ly have no clue what you or my broth­er ac­tu­al­ly do at your job. I mean I have some vague idea,but for some rea­son I keep hav­ing these im­ages of the movie Office Space in my head. So how do you feel about sta­plers?

  2. You are in a band now? I am so jeal­ous. I just sit in my base­ment and pre­tend I am a rock star. Sometimes it is sad to be a boy rock ge­nius 🙁

  3. kick ass. have fun at the show. once youre more com­fort­able up there let me know and ill see what i can do ab out mak­ing it up there. its way hard to find a band up here in lafayette. so like bo said, im stuck here pre­tend­ing im a rock star. i of course dont have a bas­ment in my apart­ment though. good luck and have fun!

  4. I wouldn’t have pegged you for a mid­dle aged woman named Nina..but you just nev­er know with some peo­ple. That place sounds kind of de­press­ing to work at. Any win­dows at least? If you have win­dows you have one up on me. So even if I want­ed to throw my­self off the side of the build­ing I would be screwed,because I work in the base­ment. Like the mole that I am. I walk out in the sun at the end of the day and I hon­est­ly feel like I might go blind.

  5. Yeah, I’m help­ing a cowork­er bud­dy out with his syn­th­pop band. Just play­ing sim­ple key­board licks. Is fun. Subliminal Self

  6. Good luck with your week then.

    Yeah, Lafayette is just a larg­er ver­sion of C’ville in my opin­ion phil. Good luck find­ing a band though. We could use some­thing in­ter­est­ing around here.

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