Dream Engaging

Last night, I dreamed that I was watching election coverage and couldn’t get a straight answer from any station regarding specific numbers of electoral votes. Then I saw an interview where the moniker bar at the bottom of the screen said George W. Bush, President-Elect. I sort of noticed it in passing as it were, within the dream. It got me wondering, duh.

I wonder what kind of stuff we miss in dreams. Stuff that our minds tell us but that still doesn’t make it through to the actual recognition stage. I could have very well gone ahead and thought the dream was only about my inability to find out who the new prez was, but all the while the info was right there in my face, waiting for me to look at it.

I’ve often thought that my dreams seem to predict the future at times. Or to put it better, when I have deja vu, I feel like I probably dreamed about it in the past and only re-realize it. So, perhaps if folks engaged and mentally recorded their dreams it would be possible to determine whether or not they contain glimpses of the unempirically observable but true.

Worded poorly, but hopefully you get the gist.

8 thoughts on “Dream Engaging

  1. I had a dream that none of the things I voted for got passed.
    It was a horrible dream, as I woke up to find it true.

  2. The school levy failed because the people of the City of Cleveland are overtaxed as it is, because businesses won’t come into the city with the current tax structure, because the school district has ample money to keep hundreds of busses and drivers idle every day and to pay Byrd-Bennett a premium beyond what she would get in any other job. At the rate the taxpayers pay for the schools, you could just hand each student $150,000 the day they enroll and say “go get yourself an education” and still do it better and cheaper.

  3. North Olmsted never votes to pass any of our school levys. I believe, at the end of my high school career, it did affect my education greatly (which is why I always vote for the levy now).

    I am not sure though about this claim that bnus drivers are kept idle for hours, wasting tax dollars. My school was so scrapped that we no longer has a bus system at all. Rather, just RTA.

  4. I do agree that, if reform is going to help things, that’s the way to go. Buuuut…
    As a kid, I was the last graduating class from my elementary school because so many school levy’s did not pass, they had to close their doors.

    I’m also faced on the other side with a friend who is a teacher and in great fear of his job because his school just can’t afford to have the teachers it does anymore.

    If there was an issue proposing some sort of drastic reform, I would have voted for that, but as I was only offered one choice to help, I took that.

  5. People really wonder why the public school system sucks so bad in this country, because everybody wants the best, but doesn’t want to pay for it in taxes. You want to know what the biggest problem is…old people. Old people don’t want to give anything for the younger generations. They want their medicare and social security, but screw the kids in the schools. They will always win, because the younger people don’t vote, because they don’t know how much they have at stake until it starts to get taken away from them (taxes). There is too much fear in politics now. People vote out of fear of losing something or not gettting something. People are not voting for civic duty or for the good of their city/county/state/country or their fellow man any more.

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