Dream Engaging

Last night, I dreamed that I was watch­ing elec­tion cov­er­age and couldn’t get a straight answer from any sta­tion regard­ing spe­cif­ic num­bers of elec­toral votes. Then I saw an inter­view where the moniker bar at the bot­tom of the screen said George W. Bush, Pres­i­dent-Elect. I sort of noticed it in pass­ing as it were, with­in the dream. It got me won­der­ing, duh.

I won­der what kind of stuff we miss in dreams. Stuff that our minds tell us but that still doesn’t make it through to the actu­al recog­ni­tion stage. I could have very well gone ahead and thought the dream was only about my inabil­i­ty to find out who the new prez was, but all the while the info was right there in my face, wait­ing for me to look at it.

I’ve often thought that my dreams seem to pre­dict the future at times. Or to put it bet­ter, when I have deja vu, I feel like I prob­a­bly dreamed about it in the past and only re-real­ize it. So, per­haps if folks engaged and men­tal­ly record­ed their dreams it would be pos­si­ble to deter­mine whether or not they con­tain glimpses of the unem­pir­i­cal­ly observ­able but true.

Word­ed poor­ly, but hope­ful­ly you get the gist.

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  • I had a dream that none of the things I vot­ed for got passed.
    It was a hor­ri­ble dream, as I woke up to find it true.

  • The school levy failed because the peo­ple of the City of Cleve­land are over­taxed as it is, because busi­ness­es won’t come into the city with the cur­rent tax struc­ture, because the school dis­trict has ample mon­ey to keep hun­dreds of busses and dri­vers idle every day and to pay Byrd-Ben­nett a pre­mi­um beyond what she would get in any oth­er job. At the rate the tax­pay­ers pay for the schools, you could just hand each stu­dent $150,000 the day they enroll and say “go get your­self an edu­ca­tion” and still do it bet­ter and cheap­er.

  • North Olm­st­ed nev­er votes to pass any of our school levys. I believe, at the end of my high school career, it did affect my edu­ca­tion great­ly (which is why I always vote for the levy now).

    I am not sure though about this claim that bnus dri­vers are kept idle for hours, wast­ing tax dol­lars. My school was so scrapped that we no longer has a bus sys­tem at all. Rather, just RTA.

  • I do agree that, if reform is going to help things, that’s the way to go. Buu­u­ut…
    As a kid, I was the last grad­u­at­ing class from my ele­men­tary school because so many school levy’s did not pass, they had to close their doors.

    I’m also faced on the oth­er side with a friend who is a teacher and in great fear of his job because his school just can’t afford to have the teach­ers it does any­more.

    If there was an issue propos­ing some sort of dras­tic reform, I would have vot­ed for that, but as I was only offered one choice to help, I took that.

  • Peo­ple real­ly won­der why the pub­lic school sys­tem sucks so bad in this coun­try, because every­body wants the best, but doesn’t want to pay for it in tax­es. You want to know what the biggest prob­lem is…old peo­ple. Old peo­ple don’t want to give any­thing for the younger gen­er­a­tions. They want their medicare and social secu­ri­ty, but screw the kids in the schools. They will always win, because the younger peo­ple don’t vote, because they don’t know how much they have at stake until it starts to get tak­en away from them (tax­es). There is too much fear in pol­i­tics now. Peo­ple vote out of fear of los­ing some­thing or not gett­ting some­thing. Peo­ple are not vot­ing for civic duty or for the good of their city/county/state/country or their fel­low man any more.

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