Another Question Day

Ask me questions and I’ll answer ’em. Can’t really come up with anything worth writing. [Questions from people named RayRay will not be answered].


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  1. Since apparently everyone hates you and refuses to ask questions, I’ll ask one.

    Do you consider yourself a feminist?

  2. Lauren: I suppose that depends on your definition of “feminist” or what type of feminism you are talking about. I’m a feminist in the sense that I don’t approve of sex/gender inequality, and in a sense that where men and women aren’t equal they are at least balanced. That is, women can do things men can’t that women can’t do things men can. hehe.

    But I hold doors, and expect to lead when dancing and like it when a woman needs me to help her with something. And I call women chicks and miss and girls and ladies.

    No, I don’t consider myself a feminist though, mainly because it is a limiting label. If I said I was a feminist people might think that means I care more about women’s rights than civil rights based on race or sexual preference; which would be incorrect.

    Lyndsey: I’ll answer any question. It just might not be “true” or the answer you “want to hear”.

  3. Well, even if they DID think this (“I care more about women’s rights than civil rights based on race or sexual preference; which would be incorrect”) does it really matter?

  4. Gloria Steinem’s definition of feminism is simply the belief that men and women are equal. It has been way over-politicized, speficially by neo-cons with an agenda, over the past 10 years or so.

  5. Yeah it would matter. If it gets brought up then that means the person bringing it up is interested in knowing about it. So I’d rather give a specific explanation of how I think about people in general, than how I think about a certain group. That’s just the way I am.

  6. So you’re moreso uncomfortable with applying terms to yourself that may end up pigeonholing you than you are with the actual tenets of, say, feminism?

  7. doh. i violated blog protocol.
    new question(s): does everyone want to stay in NE Ohio, think it rocks, sucks, is ok? Any plans to move on out to where grass is allegedly greener? Why do you want to stay/leave?

  8. I have been here for a year and enjoyed my time. I would be content staying here for some time, but I don’t know whether I want to stay here forever. I would like to travel a bit more before I decide where I would like to settle.

  9. I’ve lived in NE Ohio my whole life. And though I don’t think it rocks, I certainly don’t think it sucks. I think this area has alot of “issues”, but basically, I think Cleveland, itself, is a good town, with alot of exciting things going for it. That said, I do plan on moving out. But that’s not so much to get away from Cleveland as I think the world is just too damn big to spend my whole life in one place.

  10. Slow day at work Adam?
    It’s been busy as hell here.
    Here is a question for you?
    Are you coming back in this direction for any fencing meets this spring?

  11. I think I might be in the minority then 🙂
    I like to see tall, lanky boys in briefs, but do understand that boxers might be more comfortable for men regarding everyday wear.

    Actually, I guess it doesn’t really matter to me what they wear, as long as it doesn’t read anything silly anywhere, like, “home of the whopper.”

  12. yes, but sadly they only come in supergirl and betty boop, at target at least. where are the wonder woman ones?

  13. Whoa, last year I went and got some spider man underoos from the little boys’ section of walmart. Because I am slender, they actually fit really well, and I rocked them for a long time. Until, eventually, my boyfriend (at the time) told me that he didn’t like the little boy aspect of the underwear. I guess it creeped him out.

    They are surprisingly comfortable though, so I still wear them now.
    That’s hot. (?)

  14. what, no option for boxer-briefs? only 2 kinds of men underwear? undie fascist.

    as to women, not for me, of course, but boy-cut or low-rise.

  15. I used to be a jeans man, but khakis are tons more comfortable for me. I love my adidas spezials. Unfortunately it is winter so I’ve been wearing boots.

  16. i like that i am a *professional* and have to look the part somewhat. I like wearing skirts and nice pants. If heels and dressier shoes were more comfortable, I’d wear them a lot more often. I tend to stick with my clogs and comfy mary janes. sneakers for weekends/evenings.

  17. Thongs? Man-thongs *are* gross. Woman thongs, well, it depends on the kind. There’s many different ones. Some, I like, others, not so.

    Slacks, jeans..what about Cords? That’s my #1 choice, after that..slacks. Just never been a big jean guy. I own one pair of jeans.

  18. I’m a boxer-brief sort of guy. Best of both world IMHO. You get freedom but no riding. Which are my biggest complaints about the non-combos.

    Sneaker or Loafer? Slacks or Jeans?
    I’m a Jeans and Sneaker person myself…so much so, that I actually defy the workplace decree on slacks/loafers on a weekly basis.

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