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I vis­it every weblog on my side­bar every day, I al­so vis­it the ones on my [woe­ful­ly out­dat­ed] link list a few times a week. Since bunch­es of the oth­er Cleveland weblog­gers are post­ing about which blogs they read, I’ll do the same, but a bit dif­fer­ent as well.

My “must-read” weblogs are few, but MetaFilter tops the list. It is a com­mu­ni­ty weblog [I’m a mem­ber] that has got­ten a bit too foamy-mouthed po­lit­i­cal and newsy of late, but still pro­vides most of the cool stuff I find on the in­ter­nets. Stuff that usu­al­ly ends up on my oth­er side­bar. Other must reads in­clude Unpoetic, a po­et friend in NYC who re­al­ly should up­date more. On the film front, noth­ing beats out Strictly Film School when it comes to flicks I’d nev­er hear about oth­er­wise. The site is beau­ti­ful as well. For my acad­e­mia fix, I go to Arts & Letter Daily which culls out great stuff on a dai­ly ba­sis. For a va­ri­ety of mu­sic I’m ei­ther read­ing 3Hive or lis­ten­ing to WOXY. When it comes to art and writ­ing, noth­ing beats the taste of Riley Dog. Local weblogs I can’t live with­out in­clude Your Daily Art, NEO Babble, Have Coffee, Will Write and all my friends’ weblogs. [Friends who have weblogs as op­posed to weblog­gers who are friends].

4 thoughts on “Weblogs I Read

  1. Hehe, yeah Jeff, I’ve been feel­ing pret­ty an­ti­so­cial of late. I might be start­ing to snap out of it though.

  2. Yes, you must ig­nore all of your re­al life pur­suits in or­der to pro­vide some petu­lant ya­hoo in Ohio with in­ter­ne­tain­ment.

  3. Shalom Adam,

    I’m start­ing to won­der if you’ve been tak­en over by an alien pod or some­thing. You’ve been miss­ing way too many meet-ups and oth­er gath­er­ings. I’ve con­sid­ered post­ing a re­ward for Adam sight­ings.

    How about get­ting to­geth­er next Wednesday at Metro Joe’s be­fore (I think) the No Cleveland Wal Mart meet­ing?



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