Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

they say you are always an alcoholic always
addicted to nicotine that after you cease smoking desist drinking 
each day starts from scratch and when you see someone
else drinking or smoking or
doing those things they do when they need
a drink or smoke
you get that itch in your gut or lips and can't scratch it it
irritates and you twitch and fidget and smell
it and taste it and remember how good it was before it
got bad and then you get kind of distracted
because you know if you keep thinking
about getting some of that good badness back by scratching that
match to light a smoke or knocking back
a shot of alcohol you'll do it—really do it HOLY
SHIT—and then where are you stuck 
back addicted again with a burning throat
and dry eyes and now that you've got a new
ticket on that train quitting was never
more difficult which is why, you see, after what we had we
just can't be friends.

I’ve run into so many random conversations about addiction lately, from the woman at the beach from AA who was having a cell phone discussion with someone in need of support, to Ask MetaFilter threads about cocaine addiction, discussions on smoke breaks [their smoke break, not mine!] with coworkers, to weblogger chitchats about quitting cigs… that is where this came from. Of course, I still tried to put my own twist on the end. How does it do ya? Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. no, no suggestions at all.

    imho,it’s fucking awesome adam.

    i met a girl at michfest and we talked for over an hour about her addiction to alcohol and drugs, and how it actually dominated a relationship she was in. what a challenge it is and you really detailed it nicely.

    your “metaphor” (if i may call it such) is quite fucking strong, because unhealthy relationships can be just as addicting as crack or booze. how frail the human spirit is when vulnerable to addiction.

    i think you’ve written something that is both insightful and creative.

    cheers, adam, using a raspberry beer that i just had last night, which happened to be the best fucking beer i have ever had thus far in my short beer-drinking life! 🙂

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