I’m the NEO webgeek profiled over at BFD today. Thanks go to Wendy Hoke for asking the questions and George Nemeth for providing the space.

In other news I’ve been slowly but steadily refurbishing my 8-​bit NES, its controllers, and now the games. Those things are filthy. Isopropyl alcohol wasn’t doing the job so I purchased a special pasty substance cleaning kit. Now it just takes forever. But no more blinking red light! People interested in playing Bubble Bobble or Excitebike or getting their asses handed to them at Ice Hockey are welcome to visit.

6 thoughts on “Profiled

  1. Snog, I can take a look at it to see if I can fix it if you trust me.

    PTB, I have Dr. Mario, yes. I got it at the Memphis Flea Market two or three weeks ago for $2.50.

  2. You get your hands on some Ironsword, you let me know.

    I totally rocked that game as a child. It was the only game, actually, at which I was any good.

  3. Can you really hit the Bubble Bobble monster 100 times and get the ‘good ending’ to the NES game? I’ve only done it once in ten years of Bubble Bobble.

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