I’m the NEO we­bgeek pro­filed over at BFD to­day. Thanks go to Wendy Hoke for ask­ing the ques­tions and George Nemeth for pro­vid­ing the space.

In oth­er news I’ve been slow­ly but steadi­ly re­fur­bish­ing my 8-bit NES, its con­trollers, and now the games. Those things are filthy. Isopropyl al­co­hol wasn’t do­ing the job so I pur­chased a spe­cial pasty sub­stance clean­ing kit. Now it just takes for­ev­er. But no more blink­ing red light! People in­ter­est­ed in play­ing Bubble Bobble or Excitebike or get­ting their ass­es hand­ed to them at Ice Hockey are wel­come to vis­it.

6 thoughts on “Profiled

  1. Snog, I can take a look at it to see if I can fix it if you trust me.

    PTB, I have Dr. Mario, yes. I got it at the Memphis Flea Market two or three weeks ago for $2.50.

  2. You get your hands on some Ironsword, you let me know.

    I to­tal­ly rocked that game as a child. It was the on­ly game, ac­tu­al­ly, at which I was any good.

  3. Can you re­al­ly hit the Bubble Bobble mon­ster 100 times and get the ‘good end­ing’ to the NES game? I’ve on­ly done it once in ten years of Bubble Bobble.

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