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Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. After work I sat down and read for six and a half hours. I should have continued searching for jobs [currently looking in Toronto] or worked on the redesign for Tremonter or read some Neighborhood Connections Grant Proposals or done some more hoofwork […]

Grandma Berkshire

My grandma is one tough cookie. She grew up during The Great Depression, sent a husband off to World War II, raised 4 kids and beat lung cancer. When I was little she was always a bit more frightening to me than my grandpa and I still don’t know exactly why, she was only ever […]

Refection Reflection

Since my library books and Amazon order haven’t arrived yet I started rereading David Cooper’s Existentialism last night. I picked this up at a table in the faculty building at Notre Dame many years ago. This was a very cool table. Profs would drop whatever books they no longer had a use for there for […]

Yes, But What Goes Unsaid

I had a full and excellent weekend, full of superlatives. I had sushi at Pacific East because Kimo’s was closed for the Indian’s game, watched A Murder of Crows by Mac Wellman at The Liminis and had a Pisco Sour and Bourbon Daisy at the VTR. A Murder of Crows [I’m probably going to go […]

Passport and Tickets

I got my passport and my Notre Dame football tickets in the mail yesterday. I’ll be going to the Penn State game with my uncle, the same one who took me to my first ND game [and Lou Holtz’s last] as my 16th birthday present. Tickets for Michigan, Purdue and UCLA also go to him, […]

I Keep Forgetting These Goddamn Titles

My high school buddy Phil came in this weekend for a visit. We did a tiny music odyssey, went to a show at The Church, the Rock Hall, and the Happy Dog. Even though this wasn’t the best weekend to see a band [nobody particularly big was playing] we still rocked out to noise on […]

Labels Redux

I’ve written about my resistance to labels several times. Yet after The Shondes show the other night I found myself thinking in other paths. I was wearing my Don Hertzfeldt “Rejected” shirt, perhaps as a mostly unconscious association with the meaning of The Shondes and the fact that I was going to a show full […]

Slackjaw, Amy Kasio, The Shondes and a musing

Last night at The Church I saw three bands. Slackjaw [soon to be Early Girl] was a folky-moving-toward-rock band from Cleveland that put together a decent sound but I seem to have caught them in the awkward part of the transition. The vocals are still folky and get overwhelmed by the music. Amy Kasio was […]

Art Acquirements

I finally paid Tim Herron for my portrait and brought it home. Now, what to do with it. Give it to mom of course. I went to Duck Island briefly last evening to meet another local artist and purchase something from him. I bought Metal Bird 3 from the sign guy [lots more of his […]

IV—Somebody To Love

Because I don’t watch TV, all women [except skinny ones] become more interesting. People ask: “How do you keep up with the news?” and I say “She could use another 10 pounds.” At the creek I found the older boys’ stash of beer. Cans sailed over rocks like drunken philosophers, beards floating on the water. […]

Mortgage Test Results

So it looks like I’m not going to be able to afford a house in Tremont. With only one exception, every house that I researched [about 2 dozen] would sell for significantly more than what I can get a mortgage on. There was one house on Auburn, purchased in 1997 for $13k, that was sold […]

Spaghetti Carbonara with Heirloom Tomatoes

I made Spaghetti Carbonara AKA Heart-Attack on a Plate yesterday. Here’s how I made it: Ingredients: 5 teaspoons olive oil 5 garlic cloves, finely chopped 7 slices bacon, sliced into julienne strips 1 pound spaghetti 3 beaten egg yolks, room temperature 1/2 cup heavy cream 3/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese basil to taste Preparation: […]

Mortgage Test

I went to my local 5/3 branch in Tremont yesterday and sat down with a very nice woman who agreed to help me learn about house-buying procedures and hoop-jumping, the various programs that 5/3 has available and how much I could get a home loan for at my present salary. I learned about origination fees […]


I had a dentist appointment yesterday and I’m still cavity-less. I did get a referral to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed, as they’re causing some crowding again. I’m running on 5 hours of sleep since I was at the Lit last night listening to poets and eating cigarette smoke for a […]

This Is The Second Time I Forgot A Title

I received a call last night from some folks in Battle Creek, MI that wants to do a site much like Tremonter. I met these people when I was at NeighborWorks in Nashville. This is the second time I’ve been contacted by folks that need some consultation on how to build a useful community site […]


So I’m making a better effort to buy more organic foodstuffs. I was pretty well set in my ways buying from The Basketeria at the WSM but I’ve not been to the market in quite a while for no real reason. In any case, through the influence of certain various people in my orbit, I […]

Cleveland Bus Tour, The Compound, The Red Krayola

Saturday was an extremely full day for me. I rode my bike down to the Hanna building and then took a 6 hour neighborhood tour of Cleveland. Once that was over I went to a free all-day local band rock show at The Compound and then went to Parish Hall to see the legendary The […]

Furniture Search

One of the obvious flag-raisers for “maturity” is an interest in things that only codgers find interesting. For me this is antique furniture. Specifically antique oak furniture. Even more specifically, antique mission oak furniture. Even more more specificalliest, refinishing antique mission oak furniture. Patience is a definite virtue in a search for a specific piece […]

Grovewood Cavern

I went to the Grovewood Tavern last night to meet Chas Rich and finalize the site design for his reincarnated Pitt sports weblog: Pitt Blather. George Nemeth showed up as well and hooked me up with the CDs I won at Bloggapalooza and in trade I finally got rid of gave him my lava lamp. […]

Free Stuff and Other Stuff

If anyone wants a Smith-Corona electric typewriter that is in like new condition, it is yours. -sold! [or whatever] Same goes for a lava lamp with blue juice and white lava. -sold! [or whatever] I’ve also got an 8×10 [or maybe a little larger] mirror with a white frame if you’d like it. Let’s see […]