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One of the obvious flag-​raisers for “maturity” is an interest in things that only codgers find interesting. For me this is antique furniture. Specifically antique oak furniture. Even more specifically, antique mission oak furniture. Even more more specificalliest, refinishing antique mission oak furniture. Patience is a definite virtue in a search for a specific piece of furniture. I waited nearly a year before finding a dining room table that I liked [and at a great price]. It isn’t mission style, but it has clean enough lines to satisfy me in that regard.

I still need to learn that when I do find something that suits, I shouldn’t quail at dishing out the bread in order to take it home with me. My mom taught me about this when she bought me two chairs to go with the table that cost twice as much as the table itself [and still need to be refinished].

My current longstanding search is for a library table to serve me as a desk/​workspace. Something almost exactly like this. The perfect fit for me wouldn’t have the shelf at on the bottom [I like leg room] but otherwise that table is just right. [Actually, the apron might be a bit too low, but I can just get a lower seated chair.]

My newest search is for a credenza [as I’ve recently learned is how the kids are calling it these days] with cupboard or sliding doors and no drawers to use as an entertainment center. This piece is beautiful, but I don’t want one with drawers if I can help it. Also, I couldn’t afford that piece in a grillion years. But something like that is what I need to work toward in my strange sense of antique-​modern mise-​en-​scene. [If you consider my life a movie].

The toughest part of antique shopping is wading through the never-​ending flow of ornately-​hideous glassware and sundry other junk labelled as antique. It is amazing how much crap lasts the years while beautiful stuff dies of neglect. I’ve yet to find more than one decent antique store in Cleveland. The Lorain antique strip was unimpressive to someone who grew up in a place where there are more antique stores than bars. There is a huge antique mall near Dayton that I want to visit sometime. Maybe this summer/​fall.

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  1. I was looking at buffets too, but those tend to sit much higher off of the ground, sideboards seem to be a halfway point between credenza and buffet.

  2. I have a credenza almost exactly like that. Its a lighter oak and the drawers are in teh middle. My ‘rents use it as an entertainment unit and that’s what I planned on doing with it once I had room.

  3. Are you thinking of the antique mall on I-​75, 2 exits from the MI border? That’s on my list for a visit too. Bay City MI also had very good antiques.

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