So I’m making a better effort to buy more organic foodstuffs. I was pretty well set in my ways buying from The Basketeria at the WSM but I’ve not been to the market in quite a while for no real reason. In any case, through the influence of certain various people in my orbit, I have started shelling out the extra bread for bread with less extras. I’ve already determined that buying organic fruit juice is a better deal than the processed stuff. You have to cut it with water because it it so strong, so I’ll get a gallon of juice from a quart of the organic stuff. I also picked up organic milk, which I will make myself drink before it goes bad because it costs almost as much as a gallon of the pasteur-homogen-ized stuff. [My inherent cheapness never ceases to amaze me.] Organic eggs last just as long as regular ones [or thereabouts] so I have no worries there. Especially since I got this awesome brownie recipe that requires a whole half carton of ’em.

I’m also trying to get permission to use a local semi-privublicate compost. If I can get permission I’ll almost never have to empty my trash again. Plus, pet Drosophila melanogaster. [I love saying that].

One thought on “Organic/Organic

  1. Good luck with going organic! I know it does cost more cash, but it’s worth it. In the city, every corner deli sells organic stuff now. In Cleveland, it’s harder. Whole Foods might be your best bet, if you can’t get to the Market.

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