So I’m mak­ing a bet­ter effort to buy more organ­ic food­stuffs. I was pret­ty well set in my ways buy­ing from The Bas­ke­te­ria at the WSM but I’ve not been to the mar­ket in quite a while for no real rea­son. In any case, through the influ­ence of cer­tain var­i­ous peo­ple in my orbit, I have start­ed shelling out the extra bread for bread with less extras. I’ve already deter­mined that buy­ing organ­ic fruit juice is a bet­ter deal than the processed stuff. You have to cut it with water because it it so strong, so I’ll get a gal­lon of juice from a quart of the organ­ic stuff. I also picked up organ­ic milk, which I will make myself drink before it goes bad because it costs almost as much as a gal­lon of the pas­teur-homogen-ized stuff. [My inher­ent cheap­ness nev­er ceas­es to amaze me.] Organ­ic eggs last just as long as reg­u­lar ones [or there­abouts] so I have no wor­ries there. Espe­cial­ly since I got this awe­some brown­ie recipe that requires a whole half car­ton of ‘em.

I’m also try­ing to get per­mis­sion to use a local semi-privubli­cate com­post. If I can get per­mis­sion I’ll almost nev­er have to emp­ty my trash again. Plus, pet Drosophi­la melanogaster. [I love say­ing that].

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  • Good luck with going organ­ic! I know it does cost more cash, but it’s worth it. In the city, every cor­ner deli sells organ­ic stuff now. In Cleve­land, it’s hard­er. Whole Foods might be your best bet, if you can’t get to the Mar­ket.

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