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A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #382: Stuart Cooper’s Overlord. I was contacted by a NYC marketing firm to review Overlord, which was released on the 17th. So hey, free DVD. This is the second time that someone has happened along my movie reviews and asked me to do one for them. […]

Chiara Giovando and Daniel Higgs

Last night was the first real night of summer for me. Filled with music, familiar faces and late-burning eyeballs. Asterisk Gallery had a fairly impromptu show featuring Chiara Giovando and Daniel Higgs [lead singer of Lungfish]. Ha Ha La was the first act, a sort of Daniel Johnston with a dash of Sigur Ros and […]

Free Haircut

I got an unexpected free haircut today from the ladies who run the Gentlemen’s Barber Shop in Tremont. Apparently they’ve gotten some business from my Tremonter posting about the place. I tried to talk them out of it, but there was no dice. They wouldn’t even take a tip. I’m just glad to know that […]

Paul Robeson: Outsider – Body & Soul/Borderline

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #371: Oscar Micheaux’s Body & Soul and Kenneth MacPherson’s Borderline. Body & Soul Paul Robeson and Oscar Micheaux are legendary, so I was eager to see what they could do in collaboration. Body & Soul is Robeson’s first screen appearance, and quite an opening act. The […]

The Children of Húrin

As I wait for Amazon to ship me the latest Tolkien release, The Children of Húrin, I find myself disagreeing with several reviews I’ve read, in terms of placing this work in context with his other stuff. The lede in the Washington Post review: If anyone still labors under the delusion that J.R.R. Tolkien was […]

Musical Windfall

I went to the Beachland tonight to see Blk Tygr and ended up with a cartload of local music. I either know enough people, or the right people enough to end up with stuff just getting handed to me. Of course, I also stopped by Music Saves and picked up three CDs I’ve been meaning […]

Bumper Stickers

I don’t drive very much anymore, but the last two days I’ve been at the Tri-C Corporate College West taking a class. What I’ve noticed on the drive to Westlake these two days is a preponderance of W04 stickers, Kerry-Edwards stickers and now the odd Obama08 sticker. I’m pretty sure I’ve bitched about this before, […]

Poetry Month

I’d completely forgotten that April is National Poetry Month. Usually I throw a contest and try to write a poem a day, but I’ve been so damn busy lately that it completely slipped my mind. I would offer a poem by way of apology, but I’ve got to get going to a meeting. Woops.

Pandora’s Box

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #358: G.W. Pabst’s Pandora’s Box. I said I’d finished watching all of the films that I’d seen before, but Pandora’s Box showed up at the Library recently, and I’ve currently got Bicycle Thieves in the queue. Watching Pandora’s Box this time around was much more fulfilling […]

Web Accessibility

My current focus is bringing my web accessibility, Section 508, and other usability guidelines to a higher level. To that end, The University of Washington’s massive and extremely useful Accessibility site has been a great help. And I only found it yesterday.


I’d say I’ve smelled someone smoking up in downtown Cleveland at least six times since I started work thataway. Usually on Ontario right before Public Square, but once I smelled it oh so briefly, on the bus, on Carnegie Bridge, right above the Cuyahoga. I think the neighborhood skunk or one of its progeny has […]

Club Soda

Club Soda does miracle work on my pots and pans. When the metal is still spotty after a wash I can pour a little club soda in the pan, let it sit for a bit and then wash it again and they pretty much disappear. Sweet Jesus!

Lazy Boy Concert Keeper

I just downloaded this awesome iTunes plugin called iConcertCal. It uses the iTunes index and then searches for artists in your playlist and makes a calendar showing when and where they’ll be in your area. It isn’t foolproof, since I imagine smaller groups aren’t going to be easily found, but it is certainly better than […]

Broken Switch

My Dell laptop is right at two years old and is starting to disintegrate on me. The sound only works if I plug a jack into it, the forward slash key only works if you press the top-right corner and the whole she-bang is getting bogged down because of my inability to reformat the bastard. […]

US Guys

US Guys is a book by journalist Charlie LeDuff; a series of vignettes that are marketed as an examination of manhood and masculinity in American culture. It starts off well enough, the writing is crisp and the observations are fresh and interesting, but by the end Charlie seems to have run out of observations about […]

Ichiban Grill

I busted out the grill for the first time and cooked some cheapie Spencer steaks on it yesterday. I made a lime and olive oil marinade; I stole the idea from Fahrenheit, only I put a lot more lime in mine. Since the steaks were so skinny I made sandwiches out of them, with just […]