I’d say I’ve smelled some­one smok­ing up in down­town Cleve­land at least six times since I start­ed work that­away. Usu­al­ly on Ontario right before Pub­lic Square, but once I smelled it oh so briefly, on the bus, on Carnegie Bridge, right above the Cuya­hoga.

I think the neigh­bor­hood skunk or one of its prog­e­ny has made its way to my neck of the woods, many morn­ings when I leave it smells like a wood pussy has been near­by.

I’ve been using a health-food-esque deodor­ant for the past year, just a stick of salt, but I had to buy some chem­i­cal­ly engi­neered stuff for post-gym odor­if­e­roc­i­ty. This stuff is called “Ice Dive” but smells exact­ly like a grape­fruit.