Canada 2007 Day 1

DSC01885 The Junior Boys last­ed 4 min­utes until the first com­plaint, so I end­ed up rid­ing with Luke in his new truck; much bet­ter for all par­ties involved. First day at the lake result­ed in 8 keep­ers, although 6 would have been bet­ter, one wall­eye and one sauger were a bit under­sized for my lik­ing. We ate sev­en and froze one wall­eye. I caught the tri­fec­ta north­ern pike, wall­eye, perch. Noth­ing worth keep­ing but the fat lit­tle bait­steal­er. It is beau­ti­ful here, no stars blot­ted out by light pol­lu­tion and qui­et except for loons and beaver tail. Obvi­ous­ly, there is also unex­pect­ed WiFi in a place where the near­est radio sta­tion is Radio Win­nipeg, which bare­ly comes in on AM. Good night and good luck.