House Hoop Stress

Buying a house is ridiculously stressful. I’ve never had to jump through so many hoops, had so many balls to juggle and people and things and documents and who knows what to coördinate in my entire life. I’ve been on the ball the whole time, but waiting for other folks to catch up or follow through gets fairly annoying. I just had a scare because my real estate agent called me up and said I needed proof of residency from my landlord for the title agency. This is two days before closing, mind you, and my landlord is out of town for who knows how long. Turns out my banker had supplied them with the necessary information, but I’m still trying to get my insurance documents faxed over to him. He’s been moved around and promoted time and time again for the past few months so I’ve got 3 different phone numbers, two faxes and an email address that I don’t think he checks very often. Just give me my goddamn keys!