XY Confirmed

It's A Boy

5 thoughts on “XY Confirmed

  1. Yay for someone besides me having a boy! (btw – don’t know if you noticed your girlfriend’s full name is on the ultrasound image. I don’t know how paranoid you are about internet privacy, but just in case…)

  2. Wow!  Congrats (again) Adam and Debbie (who I don’ t to know and hopefully didn’t misspell).  Are ultrasounds getting clearer or did you guys just get a really good foot closeup?

  3. That looks more like a soccer foot than a kicker foot to me; but hell, I dunno.

    I don’t know much about the state of ultrasound technology, but after I scanned the photos, I developed them a bit in Adobe Lightroom to make things pop out a bit better.

    Congrats on having a boy as well, Genevieve!

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