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New Board of Elections Site

The reason I’ve been putting in so many late hours since the first of the year is now live to the world. The new Cuyahoga County Board of Elections site is now live. Our whole group has done pretty much nothing but recode the site from the ground up since January 1st. I put together […]


Life has been too busy to pay much attention to this website. I’ve got a redesign about halfway done, but it will continue to languish until I don’t have to put in quite so many hours at work; so, after the March 4 Primary. There have been a lot of errands to take care of […]

Eulogy for Frances Sue Berkshire

My grandma died last Sunday night. Her obituary can be found here. I no longer have any grandparents. Grandma Berkshire was a strong woman. She grew up in the Great Depression, but she liked to point out that she grew up on a farm, so while they were poor, they had plenty to eat. She […]

Notes, Lately

$110 will get you approximately 250 items of secondhand baby clothes. No one needs to buy us anything resembling a baby cloth for at least the next 9 months. The Bobby website accessibility validator is no longer available online. It is now bundled into a piece of IBM software for purchase only. This makes it […]