Student Films

I ran across a disc of the films I made in college, so I figured I’d upload them to YouTube. Now I just need to scrounge up that VHS of the stuff I made in high school and get it digitized so I can treat it similarly.

Cash Flow

This was a silent film assignment to get us acquainted with the equipment and basic storytelling.

Dialogue Sequence

This film assignment was more concerned with writing dialogue and camerawork than the first one.

Don’t Be Curious

Shot on Super 8mm color film stock, we had a limited amount of film, and had to plan and ration its use. The result is fairly disjointed since we ran out of film.

Vice Versa

Intermediate film project on 16mm Black & White. These films only made it to the rough cut stage, as the pre-​production and production itself were the stressed items instead of post-​production. Neither of us were very happy with the outcome, we never really liked our story, and all the other ideas got turned down.

Hammer to Fall — 2002 Notre Dame Fencing Video

I made this for my teammates at the end of the 2002 season. Not an assignment. I made this kind of thing fairly often in high school as well.

Pressure — 2003 Notre Dame National Championship Fencing Video

Same deal for my senior year.