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I Voted Early

Today I voted at the BOE. Let me tell you, they are prepared. You should go vote early if you haven’t already. There are two large rooms full of people eager to make voting as easy as possible. It looks like there are a couple hundred available voting booths. The longest part of the process […]

Toadies at The Grog

On Wednesday I went to The Grog Shop to see Toadies, one of my all-time favorite bands. They played all of their old hits and most of their new album, which, after a few listenings, is quite good. The Grog was full of folks that looked like they hadn’t been to a concert since Cobain […]

An Event Apart – Chicago

I spent the better part of Sunday, all of Monday and the better part of Tuesday in Chicago at An Event Apart. I had an amazing time. The schedule was jam-packed with talks from 8:30 AM to early evening both days. Not only did I actually get to see a bunch of web luminaries in […]

Five Thirty Eight

While I was in Chicago, a couple of the guys from 538 rolled through Cleveland. Awhile ago, when they started their On The Road series, I sent Sean and Nate an email asking them to let me know if they needed any help if they came to town. They didn’t spend a day in Cleveland […]

Taking Stock

With the stock market acting like a bead of grease on a hot griddle, lots of folks have been talking about how the incoming 401k reports are going to affect the election. I don’t have a 401k; since I’m a public employee, my pension is managed by OPERS. I haven’t gotten that statement yet, but […]

Abraham’s First Television Appearance

Abraham and Debbie were impromptu shanghaied into appearing in the November 2004 Presidential Election Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Vote by Mail video a couple of weeks back. Now that it has made its way onto the airwaves and YouTube, he’s officially famous. Debbie looks pretty good too. ROWR.