Arson at 3279 West 17th Street [updated]

I smelled smoke just a bit ago yesterday and saw quite a bit blowing past my window. Turns out a fire had just started in an almost empty house a block south of me. The downstairs residents had vacated a week earlier, and the upstairs fellow got out before the fire started. The address is 3279 West 17th Street, just north of Metro Hospital. I called it in to 911 and it had already been reported. Fire trucks from Stations 20, 24 and 4 were on the scene right away. The nearby Fire Station 21, which has been closed, wasn’t on the scene. I grabbed my camera, took some video, and after I saw that some stringers from WKYC showed up, decided to see if I could get the video online before them. This ain’t gonna happen since compressing and exporting from Final Cut took friggin’ forever and uploading an 800MB file to YouTube ain’t no speed-​along neither [been uploading for 5 hours, now going to bed]. Narrated using my best smarmy weblogger voice.

Update: the fire was arson:

Arson at 3279 West 17th Street

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