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Gunslingers, Terminal Lovers and NinePanelGrid

On Saturday I was at the Beachland to see Gunslingers: and Terminal Lovers: Lou was there as well. So was John G at NinePanelGrid, who just finished a month-long poster-a-day marathon. I’ve collected a lot of John G’s work from shows I’ve attended over the years. Here’s his poster for the Gunslingers show [click on […]

Interviewed by CNN Money

I was interviewed by CNN Money about the federal stimulus tracking site I wrote a more detailed post about it over at The Design State. I would also like to take this opportunity to state officially, and unequivocally, that I love squirrels.

Amateur Hour

A month or so ago I was talking with Pultz about all of the things two bearded, over-educated, Cleveland transplants are likely to talk about when forced by necessity to drink in a bar they normally wouldn’t frequent. I admit to my snobbery. One of the topics that came up was the impending Saint Patrick’s […]

Weekend Update

I went for a run for the first time in a dog’s age today. Put in a little over 3.5 miles at 11 minutes a mile. Not so good, but not that bad for a 28 year old with an arthritic knee, a 9 month old, and a year plus of mostly sedentary living. My […]

Tough Times

Times are tough. Compared to millions of Americans, times aren’t that bad for my family; but in some ways we’re poster children for the social, infrastructural and economic challenges that the country currently faces. For instance: My home has decreased at least 15% in value since I purchased it due to the foreclosure crisis. Refinancing […]

Infant Experimentation Project

Now that the infant subject is mobile, I’ve been able to engage it in the second round of my Infant Experimentation Project. I was assisted in these experiments by the infant’s maternal unit. WARNING You are likely to find the following recordings quite boring. Time Trial Mark 1 Summary In which I attempt to gain […]

Cleveland Crocuses

I’m sensing new kinds of life in Cleveland; or at least coming out of my year-long infant-induced social hibernation. In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten my mitts, mugs and mallei prepositioned by all kinds of various NEO.neo-creativity. Of course, I’m sure behind the times with a bit of most of it. My schtick […]

Star Trek versus Star Wars

Let me open my big bag of geek here for a second. I always preferred Star Wars to Star Trek, but Debbie is a Trekkie, so when I decided to watch every episode of MST3K, she countered with a request to watch all ten of the Star Trek movies. I groaned, but agreed. Debbie was […]