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Bus Versus Bike

My adventures with the 23 continue. Last week I essentially raced it home every day. Three consecutive days I passed it at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario and caught up with it on the other side of the bridge. I’ve got no pseudo-math to throw at this experiment, but my gut tells me that, […]

Other Swimming Holes

I’ve been very busy lately over at The Design State, and swimming around the eGovernment, Gov 2.0 web. Keeping in the GovLoop. Today I became an Invited Expert on the W3C’s eGovernment Interest Group. I’m trying to expand my expertise in my field, and talking with peers from around the globe on how they are […]

The Face of Solid Waste

This is the second video we’ve shot at my house for a County agency. I’m in this one instead of my offspring. We’re shooting another video for the Solid Waste District tomorrow, for their twice-annual Household Hazardous Waste round-up. My mug will be in that one too. One of my coworkers dubbed me The Face […]


Mastodon blew my fucking mind for two hours last night. For the majority of the show I was in the pit. At one point I was pushed over a dude right as he fell down and received an elbow to the face that popped a lens out of my glasses. I found it after the […]

Second Arson & Neighborhood Still Good

While I was watching the Celtics/Bulls game, someone set fire to the abandoned building just catercorner from me on Holmden Court (the alley behind my house). Either the fire started back up around 3am or the arsonist came back to finish the job because the street was clogged with fire trucks. This is the second […]