for Riv
My friend, I cannot
watch you, miles away,
intubated, awash
with medicine, cordoned
amid a hush of mechanical
saviors. I cannot sing
with you, your unabashed 
heart brimming with
life in dark nights
of karaoke and root

I would rather have offered 
parts of my body, to keep
you encompassed among
As I live,
as I die, I would rather have
you piecemeal than
not at all.

I could pluck
my beard, cry out
in the wilderness, I
could burn a blessed
candle and offer your
pain to God.

But, I respect your 
unbelief and 
though this
I cannot pray for

my friend,

I will 
with you
and hope.

16 thoughts on “Vigil

  1. can i please share this with his fam­i­ly and friends in a group mes­sage that had been set up to pro­vide de­tails re­gard­ing chris’s con­di­tion and now plans for af­ter­care? this is very touch­ing and im sure his fam­i­ly would love to have this po­em.

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