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Guest Blogger

This has been one crazy week. Abraham’s regular babysitter has been in the hospital for over a week now, and he’s been shuttled all over the place (including a new temporary babysitter) until DeeDee is back home. I’ve been baking in every spare moment, and work has been hectic with last-minute high-priority site building. So. […]

Guest Blog: A Not so Album Review

hi everyone. im phil, adams friend that is stuck in connersville. ill get out one of these days. i thought and thought about what to do in here today, but i couldnt get anything together, so i just went through all my old notebooks and picked out something i wrote a long time ago (10-27-01 […]

Guest Blog: Political Biography

The Ranting of a (former) Kansan: or How I Became a Conservative Libertarian Communist. Well Adam asked for some sort of social-political post, so I?m going to rant on my political background, as a sort of foot in the door for future political rants in this space. First let me say that I am socially […]

Guest Blog: Book Review

My Book Review by Lauren Spisak The book I read is called Spike Mike Reloaded: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema by John Pierson and Kevin Smith. It is a good book. It is long though. I think like 400 pages. Can you believe it! In it they use big words […]

Dastardly Dan

Today Organic Mechanic magazine brings you the first installment of the villainous side of our Heroes and Villains of the New Millennium Series. Previous interviews with Captain Spacepants and Sidekick Suck have now been linked to. Organic Mechanic: Dastardly Dan, that is an interesting name. How did you come up with Dastardly Dan? Dastardly Dan: […]

Sidekick Suck

Last week, Organic Mechanic began a new series which seeks to explore a variety of the fascinating and controversial figures of the 21st century. Our first interview was with the infamous and rarely-interviewed Captain Spacepants. Today we interview his partner-in-crime of 15 years, Sidekick Suck–master of suckage, controversial performance artist, and author of the phrase […]