Hanged Over

Sunday, 15 September 2002

as i write this i am ex­pe­ri­enc­ing my first ever hang­over. its not too bad, but i had no idea wine would af­fect me in this way. now i do and can avoid re­peat­ing the per­for­mance. the fenc­ing par­ty last night was a good time and my croa­t­ian team­mate Ozren’s 25th(?) birth­day. who knows, hap­py birth­day to him any­way. i al­so wore my ‘AVAILABLE’ shirt last night, that i had made my fresh­man year as a joke. right across the chest in bold red let­ters is the word AVAILABLE, so its not sub­tle at all. the thing is, it seemed many chi­cas en­joyed com­ment­ing on it and com­pli­ment­ing me. they al­so want their own AVAILABLE shirts. Perhaps a pre­pon­der­ance of said shirts with said say­ing would pro­mote gen­der re­la­tions here at ND.

Friday mp3

Friday, 30 August 2002

last week­end was fresh­man ori­en­ta­tion. this week­end is fresh­man dis­ori­en­ta­tion. *evil laugh* they’ll be ok, i’ll watch out for ‘em.

i’m go­ing to try some­thing new for Fridays. I guess it needs a name so I’ll call it the Friday mp3. Every Friday, for a 24 hour pe­ri­od or there­abouts i’ll put up an mp3 for down­load­age and talk about it a lit­tle bit as well.

This week’s choice is The Dark is Rising by Mercury Rev. I first heard of them on Last Call with Carson Daly from David Bowie. They are hard to clas­si­fy in a spe­cif­ic genre oth­er than in­die, but the wail­ing lyrics and mélange of styles give it an in­ter­est­ing alien­at­ed fla­vor that is a wel­come es­cape from the ‘my ‘rents suck cuz no one un­der­stands why i like be­ing a fuck­up’ nu-met­al bands. Other good songs in­clude: Night and Fog, Goddess on a Highway, and Spiders and Flies.

Cream Soda

Friday, 23 August 2002

Reason num­ber 64 why Connersville sucks. It is a whiskey town. I stopped at 3 liquor stores in search of my al­co­hol of choice: Stolichnaya vod­ka. none of them had it. Absolut is the “high qual­i­ty” vod­ka. how­ev­er, if you can think of an ob­scure brand of whiskey they had it, in all its va­ri­eties. lit­er­al­ly 75% of one store’s stock of hard al­co­hol was whiskey. I found a lone­ly bot­tle of Captain Morgan’s with which to make cream so­das.

Cream Soda recipe:

1 part spiced rum

3 parts sprite

its damn sweet for an al­co­holic bev­er­age but damn good too.

I got my new spec­ta­cles to­day. they are to­tal­ly rim­less and to­tal­ly awe­some. I’m pret­ty sure they are made from Rearden Metal, even though they call it Flexon. the on­ly un­fin­ished busi­ness i have now is pack­ing.

and i still want my Stoli.


Thursday, 25 July 2002

well she had fun, but not un­til her ‘broth­er’ and my good friend bri­an showed up from Cleveland. she didn’t yarf, but she did go to the re­stroom about 70 bil­lion times. we ate at the Mishawaka Brewing Company, which was ex­cel­lent as al­ways. Great Irish Meat Pies. then we left to go to the bars, but lo and be­hold i had a flat tire. so every­one else took off and i put on the donut and fol­lowed. as an aside, this is about the 6th time i’ve had a flat tire with this car. i at­tribute this oc­curence to the fact that there are mas­sive amounts of con­struc­tion go­ing on around cam­pus. any­way, we then went to Cheers the town­ie bar where we lis­tened to a bad red hot chili pep­per wannabe band and an even worse tree­hug­gin phishlovin hip­pie knock­off who couldn’t car­ry a tune with a wheel­bar­row and who butchered Ramble On and Tangerine. fuck­er. we left as his fe­male coun­ter­part be­gan singing Blackhole Sun à la Jessica Simpson. Then we went to Corby’s. The Corporate Alumni bar. where the on­ly wa­ter avail­able is bot­tled and the bar­tender is HOT as a tub full of boiled cray­fish (i have no idea where that came from). any­way she got blast­ed once bri­an showed up and she start­ed laugh­ing and smil­ing too. so we closed Corby’s, got her back to her dorm and then i went to sleep around 3:30 to get up and work at 8. it was worth it.

Meagan’s 21st

Wednesday, 24 July 2002

to­day is my friend Meagan’s 21st birth­day. she is not a drinker at all. in fact, i think she can count the times she has had a drink on one hand. but not af­ter tonight. i am skip­ping my work shift tonight to take her out with some friends and get her wast­ed as hell. drunk as a skunk. ladies and gen­tle­men, she will be yarf­ing be­fore this night is over. the great thing about this is that a 21st birth­day ef­fec­tive­ly gives the friends of the per­son born li­cense to make that per­son ill be­yond be­lief in a hap­py en­gag­ing man­ner. i yarfed on my 21st, it was fun. Phil yarfed in my car on his 21st, it was fun. Meagan will yarf on her 21st and it will be fun. who knew yarf­ing could be so much fun?