Tuesday, 20 August 2002

i was going through the stash of pictures i have on my computer and came across this one from January moments after shaving my head.

since i just shaved off my beard attempt, my logical progression led me to decide that i should put up this picture. people said i looked like Moby, Billy Corgan, and Marshall Applewhite. I merely decided that I have a very sexy cranium, no loose flaps of skin or weird wrinkles like my sectionmate Nathan who shaved his head along with me and a few other gullible freshmen. The next few days were interesting because as the hair grew back, my hair became like Velcro?.

the reason i shaved my head? one of my professors, who has since become my favorite prof at ND was trying to associate my name with my face on the first day of class and said ‘Adam, slightly balding’ and pointed to her hairline. Yes, it was in front of the whole class. good thing i have thick skin. later on when i asked a question she closed her eyes, put her finger to her haid and said: ‘yes…adam.’ so i shaved my head. i always said i would when a stranger mentioned my baldingness. alright, so maybe i don’t have that thick of skin.