Malicious Mechanisms

Thursday, 12 September 2002

tonight i’m going to watch Waking Life (Linklater, 2001). its supposedly a very interesting type of animation converted from live action. i’m skipping out on my Film Noir screening of Double Indemnity (Wilder, 1944) to go see it. its just another one of those malicious mechanisms that prevent film majors from going to NDcinema by scheduling classes during those times.

i got all of my free shit from Varsity Issue yesterday, we get less than all the other teams but it is still quite a bit. Adidas treats us well, i got a sweatsuit, track pants, long and short sleeved underarmor, spandex shorts, two pairs of mesh shorts, two shirts, two pairs of extra long and extra thick socks, running shoes and a bag to carry it all in. Once they get in I will also get fencing shoes, sandals, and warmups. I’d estimate that if I purchased all of this retail I would have spent upwards of $500. damn.