Blog Birthday

Saturday, 1 February 2003

my weblog is one year old to­day. and i was 2 – 1 fenc­ing to­day.

But more im­por­tant­ly, the Space Shuttle Columbia dis­in­te­grat­ed on reen­try to­day. For no good rea­son, i have a strong emo­tion­al at­tach­ment to the space pro­gram and NASA. i didn’t hear about this un­til long af­ter it hap­pened. i hate it. when i was 5 back in 1986 i was watch­ing the TV when Challenger went up in smoke. and al­ready at that young age i had great ad­mi­ra­tion for the ex­plor­ers of space. and my mom was a teacher, and Christa MacAuliffe was a teacher. the Challenger be­came the first event that scarred my­self, not to men­tion America as a whole.

then the World Trade Center Towers fell over. Scar num­ber 2.The Doppler radar of Columbia’s de­bris trail on reen­try.

and now an­oth­er space tragedy. Scar num­ber 3. how some­thing so small can cause some­thing so de­struc­tive just makes the event all the more painful. ahh, you few brave as­tro­nauts, sail­ing in the heav­ens. god shel­ter you. sail in the heav­ens and pro­tect your fel­low space cru­saders. the on­ly way i can talk about this is to wax ro­man­tic. this pic­ture in par­tic­u­lar is rather haunt­ing. that streak.

it can’t all be hor­ri­ble though can it? why are there al­ways scars, but so few mo­ments of pure world­wide joy. the clos­est i can think of is the Fall of the Berlin Wall. what a great thing that was. prob­a­bly the on­ly way we’ll know the world is get­ting bet­ter is when the uni­ver­sal goods start out­num­ber the tragedies.