Flight to North Carolina

Thursday, 6 February 2003

i’m fly­ing to Raleigh-Durham, N.C. to­day for the Duke University Duals. Its just the top four from each squad that trav­el when we fly. the guys leave to­day and the girls leave to­mor­row. i’m ex­cit­ed to be trav­el­ing. i do, how­ev­er, have the snif­fles. last night i put on lots of cloth­ing turned the heat up and put on a sock-hat then got un­der the cov­ers and sweat­ed my­self out. hope­ful­ly i didn’t just in­cu­bate the cold.

any­way, i get to wear my suit to­day. i don’t get chances to dress up of­ten so i fig­ure i’ll make the best of it and go all out.

no fri­day mp3 this week…

seeya sun­day.