Soft Collision

Tuesday, 9 April 2002

i don’t want to write any­thing to­day. so here are some song lyrics. what do they make you think about or feel like or what do you think they mean? ac­tu­al­ly just say any­thing about them that you want, i’m in­ter­est­ed.

Soft now- the lips that dragged me down
Soft now- un­til I hit the ground
The night is soft
The light is soft
And i don’t want to wear this off- tonight
Sleep alone- seems to me
The virus bleeds

Soft now- she played her love scenes well soft now–
Should have sensed the sul­phur smell
Soften the blow
Finger to tongue tongue to fin­ger
Honey smear
Finger to tongue tongue to fin­ger
Soften the blow

Machines of Loving Grace, The Soft Collision