Space Age Toothbrush

Sunday, 27 October 2002

of all the things to have space age design, toothbrushes should be rather far down on the list, but instead of driving a car that runs off the constant bombardment of neutrinos from space, my toothbrush can do it all. I just bought it a few days ago. apart from the now standard ergonomic body design guaranteed to clean those hard to reach back teeth, my toothbrush also comes equipped with a unique microbristle design which cleans teeth better. the end of each regular bristle has been cut into many smaller bristlettes, hence the microbristle. the split-​ends of the dontic world. it also has a flexible head to adjust to the contours of my mouth and a longer bristled tip to get behind those pesky back teeth again. Even the handle has been designed to fit nicely in the hand, it has several ridges on it which massage my thumb and forefinger for the whole minute and a half that i brush my teeth. The biggest selling point of the brush is its brand-​spanking-​new ‘whitening strip’ that curves between the bristles and apparently will give me whiter teeth in a few short weeks. all it is: a piece of flimsy rubber that acts like the automated car wash cloths on your teeth, a kind of back and forth slapping motion. Now, if they made an automated version that also gave me the morning news, then it’d be perfect. Unfortunately, I canna find a picture of it for it appears that the mentadent website is experiencing technical difficulties.