Thursday, 17 January 2002

how much are peo­ple will­ing to give of them­selves? are the ma­jor­i­ty sat­is­fied with su­per­fi­cial­i­ty? it is a lone­ly world if noone wants to be there for you. it must be even lone­li­er if you do not want to be there for any­one else. dif­fer­ent masks for dif­fer­ent tasks, i’m a dif­fer­ent per­son around dif­fer­ent peo­ple, so which is the re­al me? it is hard to be om­ni-nat­u­rae if you feel like a lusus nat­u­rae. (Nota Bene: i don’t know latin). how do i de­fine my­self among a group of peo­ple to whom in­ter­nal de­con­struc­tion is mean­ing­less? i can on­ly an­a­lyze my ex­is­tence up to a cer­tain point be­fore i need some­one to di­a­logue with. i do not ex­ist alone, al­though i am a lon­er. some­times i for­get how to be in a pack…

is there any­body out there?