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Isn’t every human being both a sci­en­tist and an artist; and in writ­ing of human expe­ri­ence, isn’t there a good deal to be said for rec­og­niz­ing that fact and for using both methods?”
James Agee from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

A person comes forth to life and enters into death.
Three out of ten are partners of life,
Three out of ten are partners of death,
And the people whose every movement leads them to the
        land of death because they cling to life
Are also three out of ten.

          What is the reason for this?
          It is because they cling to life.

I have heard that
          One who is good at preserving life
            does not avoid tigers and rhinoceroses
              when he walks in the hills;
            nor does he put on armor and take up weapons
              when he enters a battle.
          The rhinoceros has no place to jab its horn,
          The tiger has no place to fasten its claws,
          Weapons have no place to admit their blades.

          What is the reason for this?
          Because on him there are no mortal spots.

Tao Te Ching (50) (Trans­lat­ed by Vic­tor H. Mair)