I love the frozen tundra that is the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Why did Cro-​Magnon have to follow the game north? Couldn’t we have just been happy as frugivores? I am a tropical primate dammit! I need 70 degrees and 80% humidity. If I lived in Fiji I could run around naked and be perfectly comfortable (except for maybe the skeeters). But NO! I am forced to wear an abundance of animal fur and plant fibers and synthetic manmade fibers in order to maintain the proper tropical atmosphere around my skin. This morning I discovered a bump on my head that I must have obtained last night whilst wrestling after the Superbowl. Call me Klutzmael. Goto bluishorange​.com. This lady is refreshment. Empathize with her. I need to work on my envy problem. I need a Muse. If i stop worrying about my problems they cease to become problems right? I learned the basic steps of Salsa today and in the process just reinforced my knowledge that I have rhythm like a fat man’s heartbeat.