The Beginning

Ahhh! Escape! I got off campus last night and I think that is just what I needed. You can go slowly insane without even noticing it around here. As usual I am still having trouble with a social existence at ND. This place is like junior high school, only even more grotesque since we are all older and risk more in our relationships. Perhaps that is why I have such trouble finding someone that is a fit for me. This sounds arrogant, but I think I have a better idea of what it means to be in a relationship than many people do here. Anyway, I went over to Steve’s place and we got his new computer up and running and watched Groundhog Day. It was funny to go into his apartment complex and see the only row of apartments with power as his. We had this big ice storm… The Fencing team is in Colorado, I wish I were with them. I miss bouting and it would provide a better escape from my shallow, childlike, and incontrovertibly oblivious roommate. I guess last night he was bragging about how he hooked up with three girls in a 24 hour period. So I guess that makes him dirty too. What a complete ass. Today I am going to do a simple 5shot excercise for my Film Production class. It shouldn’t take much more than a half hour or so to film and editing probably an hour… We also have to plan out a silent narrative for Wednesday’s class. Things are getting rollin’ and about damn time. I’m hungry.