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2 pomes

easter was great! filet mignon was even better. two new pomes. shuffel7/firefly paradigm and untitled8, plus a new link to Digital Ghosts.

ND to Fargo

distance from ND to Fargo…734.2 miles…estimated hours of traveling time 12hrs, 27mins. thank god for instant messenger. too bad you can’t actually look at or touch the person you are talking to. i’m gonna write a paper on the reflexivity of anthropological filmmaking now.


i’m trying to get a comments thing up and running for these random musings. it is tougher than it looks especially for someone that knows no HTML. i don’t like it when people get sick. i never know what to do to help them out. whenever i get sick i just wrap myself up in […]

Extreme Sleep Deprivation

extreme sleep deprivation. i smell nice though and will hopefully accomplish some work this night. i do not have anything particularly enlightening to say today, but i do have something that is important anyway. be honest, brutally so, with everyone that is important to you. it gets easier after awhile. and they will respect you […]


labels are useless. they only serve as limiters when applied to a person. i am a Fencer, Anthropologist, Hick, or Romantic. all of these contain some truth but exclude other truths. i am more than a label, and my challenge is to make sure that i do not label a person. multifaceted and polydimensional…aren’t we […]

Fucking 3rd Place

fucking 3rd place. lets see what happened…broke my glasses, almost got arrested, got caught in a snowstorm. time spent in a car traveling…22 hours. classes today…2. homework needs happening, and all i want is a backrub. i’m going to sleep now since i just got back and it is 3AM. today was quite possibly the […]

A Kiss

i got a kiss however i am also leaving today for the NCAA fencing championship at Drew University in New Jersey. I won’t be back till Monday sometime. roadtrips are great especially since i’ll have a DVcam with which to document and then create a cool thingy on the tournament. Go Irish Fencing! i’m riding […]

Coloring Books

life is good. i am glad i have found someone i can talk to about anything and everything, someone who is as driven as me but in a different direction, someone who is stimulating and intriguing. someone i want to get to know so much better. someone i can be totally me around. someone. (smilingconstantthoughtsofwarmtheyessmellfeelandfreedomtobealive) […]

Molly is a Dork

judging a body on its attractiveness is fine (see entry for 3.6.02) here is a more succinct explanation. the body can be objectified because it is simply an object. the danger lies in treating the personality by the same manner. so looking and admiring a person for their body is fine. using that measure alone […]


Phil was here. Molly is coming back today from Appalachia. i guess i had better help her make her own website. i got one of my papers done, finished my shotlist for my dialogue script and ate at CJs last night. saw Ice Age too. funny shit. LATE NIGHT UPDATE: I now know what spooning […]

Pinched Nerve

i must have a pinched nerve or something in my neck cuz i can barely move it. i got my mop chopped today, 6 weeks after shaving my head, it just needed smoothed out. i requested another gig and a half of drive space so i can fit more quicktimes on my site. started doing […]

Spring Break 2002

well i’m back from break. this one is gonna be long so prepare yourself. it was nice being home for even a few days, as it is also nice being back here when mike isn’t around so i can actually be in my room. i read “let us now praise famous men” by james agee […]

Unstoppably Passionate Sensualist

going home today for spring break. i’ll be back in three of four. just to let the thousands of people that read this know… i’ve got some goodbyes to make and i’ll be eating with my uncle and his family for dinner. yumyumyum. on a completely unrelated note, i think if i ever got into […]


is it beginning again? am i getting my hopes up? will she tell me? the new site is done. what do you think? i love. going to McCormick’s with the team. goodbye.

Freak On

today has been interesting. does the fact that i desire a beautiful woman make me shallow? if so, then i guess i am shallow. however, i believe that since our first instinct is physical, it should be accepted, provided that the attraction is not only limited to that. seriously, if you knew a person of […]

Silent Narrative

Fuck the Po-lice! woohoo for rubbings of the back. lonnnnnggggg daaaaay! I got a lot accomplished yet am still behind. I pretty much finished my silent narrative and should have a link up to it on my webpage as soon as i convert it to quicktime. talked with luis, he seemed helpful. really cold out. […]