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Keep on Truckin’

4.30.02 INT. MAIN BUILDING, OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE. 7:53am DAY signing up for my summer hall clerk hours i realized that red tape is the manner in which bureaucracies remain in existence. they convince you time and again that they have a new organizational plan that will make things run very smoothly and they make […]


4.29.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL, SHOWER STALL 3. approx. 9:23am DAY my topic is emotion, feeling, whatever term you use to generalize and categorize it. it is inviolable and can only be judged by the person experiencing it. ergo, no emotion is wrong in the sense that a person is wrong in feeling it. difficulty lies […]

Darth Maul’s Ass

my fever has broken for the time being, but i still have these aches and weird tingly and stretchy feelings. i think some unknown force is under the impression that i am silly putty. anyway. some site issues. you will need Internet Explorer version 5 or higher to get this to appear properly if you […]


INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435, ADAM’S COMPUTER. 7:30pm NIGHT i reconnected with a couple of old friends last night and it was good. it was nice talking to them and catching up on what is going on in their lives. it made me feel good to know that out there are still people who feel […]

Eric the Half a Bee

INT. KEOUGH HALL RM 435. 11:00pm NIGHT. ok so last night at 11, after being gone from my room since 9 in the morning, i come back home to find the door locked. great, roommate hooking up again…well that hasn’t stopped me before and i want in my damn room. i unlock the door and […]


we have to start packing up our rooms in the next week. it seems kind of dumb that they expect us to move everything out of our living space and study for finals in a little white shell. hopefully the weather will be nice and i can do my work outside. i am anxious for […]

HUGE CO…rooster

yeah so i cleaned my room and did laundry. yeah and my mom asked me if i was satanic the other day. she meant it too. i think she just assumes the worst since i don’t live at home under her protective wing. its boring under a protective wing, i’d rather go exploring. i’m not […]

Site as Mind

everything that is written in this weblog is the property of me myself and i. this site is my mind. i am in total control of my mind. i choose to delete comments that are not constructive or appropriate for my mind. saying that you are ‘telling it like you see it’ does not mean […]

Goat Roast 2002

today was the annual Anthropology Department Goat Roast. At nine in the morning some anthro majors and the profs, using stone tools produced in the Lithic Technologies class, butchered a goat and a sheep. keep in mind that properly produced obsidian stone knives are something like 5times sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel. so the actual […]

Fed a Squirrel

I fed a squirrel today. She was pretty fat and I think pregnant, but I’m not sure. She ate out of my hand which I felt honored by. Except that gaining the trust of squirrels on this campus isn’t that difficult. the best part was that she put her little claw/paw into my hand at […]

Reading Keats

well today i am working for the majority of the day in computer labs getting in my hours for the week since i haven’t done anything yet. its not so bad really, but with the weather the way it is, i could use any excuse to go outside. i was fiddlyfartin around on the net […]

Metalheads and Goth Chicks

this place needs more metalheads and goth chicks, if we had them in significant numbers (instead of just me a few football players and one pseudo-gothesque art girl) things would be alot more interesting. metal just makes things better. and pretty goth chicks are just yummy (especially redheaded ones). a girl can be normal and […]

Part Chameleon

i believe i must be part chameleon for i am the fastest tanning person alive and also the fastest to lose it. i was out for 2 hours today and changed significantly in color. tonight i will spend most of my evening in oshag editing a section video for aussiefest this weekend and then mayhap […]

‘bee in the quad

today was spent in another filmic indulgence that all too often turns into a monstrous beast of unimaginable power. murphy’s law applies to filming more than any other activity. i tossed the ‘bee a bit in the quad after, with my ‘roos which was a good relief for the mental stress that 7 hours of […]

Exercise in Futility

my life is an exercise in futility. even when i do nothing wrong, i still fail. my bad karma must have no end. even when things are not my fault, i still hurt. i must be too sensitive. we knew this was going to happen, i guess it was worth it, but for some reason […]

First Day of Spring

the first true day of spring! whoohoo so many people laying around and skipping class. it was nice to see that some people still enjoy nature, even if it is only once in awhile. i wrote a pome about it.

Breathing Again

i need to learn to breathe again. i went running today. i expected jellyfilled legs and a gimp knee since i’ve been out of comission for so long. my legs feel fine as does my knee, probably because i can’t breathe anymore. i didn’t even get to set a good pace before my lungs started […]

Soft Collision

i don’t want to write anything today. so here are some song lyrics. what do they make you think about or feel like or what do you think they mean? actually just say anything about them that you want, i’m interested. Soft now- the lips that dragged me down Soft now- until I hit the […]

Jack Squat

i guess it goes without saying that being involved in a relationship is a very interesting and sometimes frightening experience. but i need to say it. hell, i don’t have much experience along these lines. what y’all know is new to me. i think the two fundamental aspects that should be basic to any relationship […]


Last night was fun. I ate at this place called Elia’s. Really good Lebanese food. Then after that, I spent several hours (ok it was till 3am) playing Super Mario 3 on the Nintendo over at my friend Cari’s place. Andy was there too and he tried to give me some advice on how to […]


“i’m not intimidated by you.” “i guess that’s a good thing…” “i’m gonna scale this wall of yours. i’ll kill you with kindness until you think i am the greastest person (all the while knowing i’m not) on earth and your ‘wall’ crumbles and you let me see the beautiful person inside. then i’ll laugh […]

thump Thump THUMP

thump Thump THUMP thumpthump thump bump flash stomp brash green/purple/yellow swingin swayin discoplayin’ backin that ass up, hypnotic mantras bloodpulse grind and grab half caught eye shine thumpthump thump bang your head intergalactic planetary more vodka in my tonic more light in my face ringin’ ears pushup bra strobe aladdin sane thumpthumpthumpthumpthump…yeah…so i went out […]

My Heart is Yesterday

this morning my heart is yesterday, for sometime between dark and light, chest and thigh, the imp of Spring began his mischief. the world cannot be the same after curiosity and false constructs (built on foundations all too physical) have opened the modern pandora’s box of complications. that is why i feel like shit. i […]

Spring Returned

i woke up this morning and the sky was the color of a week old bruise, and the air was filled with the noise of thunder. to some people this would be ugly, but for me it is both frightening and wonderful. i love the sound of thunder and the feel of rain on my […]

April Fool 2002

no one saw it coming, but it hit like a mack truck anyway. dragging us along in its wake, deeper into, further up, farther back. forced to leave behind our headphones and lattes, some of us caught blinking away the sweat of sex, others snapped up in their prayers, a few even doing both at […]