April Fool 2002

no one saw it com­ing, but it hit like a mack truck any­way. drag­ging us along in its wake, deep­er into, fur­ther up, far­ther back. forced to leave behind our head­phones and lattes, some of us caught blink­ing away the sweat of sex, oth­ers snapped up in their prayers, a few even doing both at the same time. amaz­ing the things you can do nowa­days. cap­i­tal­ists shuf­fling the means of pro­duc­tion to deal out anoth­er quar­ter per­cent prof­it, com­mu­nists in sol­i­dar­i­ty, but still walk­ing in cir­cles, it took us all. the judge­ment was reserved equal­ly, lover and ene­my, inno­cent and jad­ed, there is no immu­ni­ty to the pow­er it wields. sky­scrap­ers snapped like twigs. chil­dren burned by the feet of Air Jor­dan. amaz­ing the things we can do nowa­days. we didn’t learn so it took mat­ters into its own hands, crunch­ing and mold­ing, the ero­sion was begun by us, but fin­ished by its loom­ing majesty. SUVs and flow­ers don’t mat­ter, our respon­si­bil­i­ty is mis­placed. if we had been self­ac­tu­al­ized it wouldn’t have come, but search engines and oui­ja boards gave us the bald­faced lies that Jer­ry Springer demand­ed. amaz­ing the things we can do nowa­days. i’m your april fool.