April Fool 2002

no one saw it coming, but it hit like a mack truck anyway. dragging us along in its wake, deeper into, further up, farther back. forced to leave behind our headphones and lattes, some of us caught blinking away the sweat of sex, others snapped up in their prayers, a few even doing both at the same time. amazing the things you can do nowadays. capitalists shuffling the means of production to deal out another quarter percent profit, communists in solidarity, but still walking in circles, it took us all. the judgement was reserved equally, lover and enemy, innocent and jaded, there is no immunity to the power it wields. skyscrapers snapped like twigs. children burned by the feet of Air Jordan. amazing the things we can do nowadays. we didn’t learn so it took matters into its own hands, crunching and molding, the erosion was begun by us, but finished by its looming majesty. SUVs and flowers don’t matter, our responsibility is misplaced. if we had been selfactualized it wouldn’t have come, but search engines and ouija boards gave us the baldfaced lies that Jerry Springer demanded. amazing the things we can do nowadays. i’m your april fool.