Last night was fun. I ate at this place called Elia’s. Real­ly good Lebanese food. Then after that, I spent sev­er­al hours (ok it was till 3am) play­ing Super Mario 3 on the Nin­ten­do over at my friend Cari’s place. Andy was there too and he tried to give me some advice on how to get women. I think he said some­thing along the lines of “They just have to be con­vinced that they want you in their pants, but you can’t just tell them that.” Thanks Andy. Super Mario 3 is such an awe­some game. We got all three Ham­mer Bros. suits and Tanu­ki suits out the ass. I even impressed them with my crazy jump­ing abil­i­ties. I’m doing shit­loads of laun­dry today and I got a let­ter from Mom with 25 bucka­roos in it. She is good to me. I don’t real­ly know what I am going to do this week­end although I should try to get ahead on some of my work. I prob­a­bly won’t though