HUGE CO…rooster

yeah so i cleaned my room and did laundry.

yeah and my mom asked me if i was satanic the other day. she meant it too. i think she just assumes the worst since i don’t live at home under her protective wing. its boring under a protective wing, i’d rather go exploring. i’m not a little chick any more. i am a HUGE CO…rooster. she missed me and loves me, i knowiknow. i take it for granted i am sure. but hell, if i don’t go exploring, i will be even lamer than i am now. plus she is still there when i need her the most. i don’t take that for granted. sometimes when i write this i feel like doogie howser m.d. but i’m not a tool like he was. my laundry needs dryered so i’m out for now.

talked to molly and i (can’t do it) still feel like shit. is it me that needs figuring out or does she need to figure herself out? how do i care for someone that doesn’t care about themself?

i’m obviously wrong about some things and missing others.