Keep on Truckin’


signing up for my summer hall clerk hours i realized that red tape is the manner in which bureaucracies remain in existence. they convince you time and again that they have a new organizational plan that will make things run very smoothly and they make themselves indispensible by further convincing us that without their presence, things would go to hell. then they bind us with their red tape and forms in triplicate until we are gagged and nauseous and will fill them out just to be done with them. case in point, the forms that we were shown at an informational meeting for summer hall staff (another trap of the bureaucracy) had been replaced entirely by a different spreadsheet for the filling in of hours, as well, the dorms that the clerks for conferences are assigned to are on the other side of campus from the dorms that the clerks live in, which in turn are used by a different set of clerks who in turn live in a different set of dorms…ad infinum. signups were supposed to take ten minutes. they take an hour. we are told shifts are available in one hour increments…no longer, now they are 3 or 4 hour increments. so instead of working a nice evening shift in the dorm i live in i must haul my ass across campus 4 nights a week to work the graveyard shift in a dorm that wasn’t even supposed to be for the groups i am running the desk for. at least i have my weekends free. the only unfortunate thing about that is knowing that the bureaucratic hegemony WANTS me to feel happy about JUST having my weekends free. we bourgeois are donkeys and the weekend is the carrot that keeps us truckin’