“i’m not intimidated by you.”
“i guess that’s a good thing…”
“i’m gonna scale this wall of yours. i’ll kill you with kindness until you think i am the greastest person (all the while knowing i’m not) on earth and your ‘wall’ crumbles and you let me see the beautiful person inside. then i’ll laugh maniacally because my plot will have succeeded.”
“good luck. let’s go get a milkshake.”

she doesn’t think i can do it. she doesn’t realize how determined i can get. that’s ok, we’re still getting to know each other. it reminds me of a chess game, but this is more important than any game. i’ll be the seed of ivy that tears apart a wall with the slow strength of earth. i’ll be the gripping determination of frost and thaw, stretching the foundations with the smooth power of water. i’ll be the subtle force of summer breeze, wearing away with the patience of air. i’ll be the burning heat of a saharan afternoon, baking through everything with the passion of fire. one way or another i am going to find out who she is. and before you ask, YES it is that important to me.